ZagLink Mentor Position

ZagLink Mentor Responsibilities

  • Engaging in a meeting with your mentee at least once a month
  • Completing a check-in form online after each monthly meeting
  • Must effectively relay information about resources on campus and be able to correctly direct a student to them if necessary
  • Meeting the first-year student where they are in this transition, and guiding them through the changes they are experiencing

ZagLink Mentor Qualifications


  • Must be a current Gonzaga University undergraduate student in your Sophomore, Junior, or Senior year
  • Dependable and approachable
  • Helpful and supportive demeanor
  • Strong support and leadership skills
  • Possess a strong sense of community
  • Proven ability to communicate effectively and connect with others
  • Interest in helping new students transition to Gonzaga University
  • Willing to learn about the resources, services, opportunities, policies, and people at Gonzaga University and relay that information when needed