Resident Hall Association


The Gonzaga University Residence Hall Association is a student led organization committed to the continual enrichment of residents' lives.

Residents will be empowered by RHA to develop leaders by working with on-campus resources, and to advocate for matters concerning their residential experience, including but not limited to campus sustainability, their safety, and well-being.

RHA will provide experiential learning through programming with the intention to develop the whole person to encourage growth as a community and promises to make all events inclusive to welcome and appreciate the diverse student body and to serve the common good.

The General Assembly

The General Assembly meets every week, is chaired by the president, and is made up of five members from each Block Council. At each meeting, these representatives and the RHA Executive Board discuss and vote on matters concerning residence life.

Meets: TBD

If you are looking for more information about RHA, check the other sections listed.  If none of these sections can answer your questions or your question deals with a specific area, please feel free to email members of the executive board.

Executive Officers


DeLainey Phelps

National Communications Coordinator

Sam Sandoval       

Director of Administration and Finance

Ashton Kopczick

Director of Programming

Jacky Garcia

Director of Advocacy and Sustainability

Amelia Troncone

Director of Leadership Development 

Alexia Saad


Liz Perez   


There are three committees within RHA that serve as an opportunity for members of each block council to come together and voice concerns to each other or to administrators about how to improve the on-campus living experience at Gonzaga.

Budget and Administrative Committee

The Budget Advisory Committee, chaired by the Director of Administration and Finance and the finance managers from each block council, reviews and discusses all funding requests to assure RHA guidelines are observed by the requests.  It also recommends to the General Assembly an amount to be allocated to a program.  For more information contact:

Advocacy and Sustainability Committee

The Advocacy Committee, chaired by the Director of Advocacy and Sustainability, is responsible for collecting advice and concerns about dining services, on-campus housing, and other matters regarding Gonzaga's advocacy and sustainability from each Block Council.  This committee is dedicated to empowering students in advocating for better, more inclusive living spaces.  For more information contact:

Programming and Marketing Committee

The Programming Committee, chaired by the Director of Programming, is responsible for coordinating and publicizing RHA functions as well as working with outside organizations when necessary for programming.  This committee is made up of the programmers from each hall council.  For more information contact:

Block Council President Committee

The Block Council President Committee, chaired by the Director of Leadership Development, is responsible for approving constitutional revises.  This committee is made up of the presidents from each hall council.  For more information contact: 

Block Council

At Gonzaga, all of the Residence Halls are divided up into blocks by areas.  Each block has a Block Council, and Block Council comes together to make the Residence Hall Association at Gonzaga.  Individually, each block council is made up of a group of students who have volunteered to plan events and social activities for the residents on their block and to serve as a voice between their block and RHA.