• February 28th – Applications due @ 11:45pm
  • March 11th-12th – 1st Round Interviews
  • March 15th-19th – On Campus Virtual Interviews
If you decide to come from out of town, we will provide a hotel.  Other expenses are your own.  An alternative Skype interview is also available.
We do not offer assistance with travel expenses.

RDs supervise GRDs, have ultimate responsibility for the block, have additional time on-call, work year-round, and hear conduct cases. GRDs, work 10 months a year, and average 29 hours a week. While specific job duties are dependent on needs of the block, typically, GRDs co-supervise RAs, manage floor ownership tracking, meet 1:1s with RAs, and sit on departmental committees.

GRDs are currently placed on Northwest or Southeast blocks and are placed based on availability, need and preference.

GRDs need to work during training, opening, closing and a few other exceptions. At times, due to the high volume of work during these times, especially during summer staff training, GRDs’ workload may exceed 29 hours per week.  

GRDs’ vacation breaks follow the same timeline as Gonzaga students.

GRDs are trained on the same timeline as full-time RDs.  The training is typically three weeks, but can vary depending on the needs of that year.  We cover topics such as on-call, supervision, culture, social justice, and much more.
A spouse and dependents.
We welcome anyone who wants to apply!
Each GRD is hired for the upcoming academic year.  If the GRD wants to return to the position, their performance is considered before extending an offer for another year, if that person remains a graduate student.
GRD/RD as well as student staff training, but GRDs are not responsible for the summer projects the full-time RDs engage in.
GRDs are typically on call one weekend (Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon) each semester.
It averages 29 hours per week and varies based on the GRD's schedule.  Most weeks, the schedule includes a block staff meeting, many 1:1s with staff, departmental meetings, administrative work, checking in with students, attending programming and much more.
Fish are allowed.  Other animals are not allowed.