How do I get the keys to my off-campus apartment/house?  Once you have submitted your housing deposit (either in the housing office or online via commerce.cashnet.com/guhousing) and have demonstrated you have contacted Avista and set up the electricity to your name, you will be able to obtain your keys from the Housing office.

How do I register for Avista?  You will need to go to www.avistautilities.com or call (800) 227-9187.

How do I register for cable/internet?  You will need to visit the Xfinity website and select a service option, or visit a local Xfinity store and set yp your services in person.

Am I allowed to use Dish/DirecTv?  No you are not allowed to use these services for tv in a Gonzaga owned off-campus facility.  The only option available is Comcast.

What happens if I lose my house/apartment key?  Please call the Housing office immediately at (509) 313-4103.  Housing keys and key access cards will be reissued through the Housing office.

What happens if I lock myself out of my house/apartment?  If you lock yourself out of your residence, you may call Campus Security at (509) 313-2222.  They will be able to let you back in.

How much is rent in the off-campus houses/apartments?  Rent varies by location.  Rent amounts will be listed in your rental agreement.

How do I make a rent payment?  You can pay rent online by visiting this website, commerce.cashnet.com/guhousing.  Just select "rent and deposits" and choose the appropriate options.  Rent payments may also be made inside the Housing office (located in Upper Crosby).

When is my rent payment due?  Your rent payment is due on the first calendar day of each month regardless of what day of the week this falls on.

When is my rent payment considered late?  Your rent payment is considered late beginning on the fourth calendar day of each month.  At that point you will incur a $5 per day late fee, for a maximum of $50 per month.

How do I pay my late fees?  You may pay your late fees online at, commerce.cashnet.com/guhousing.  Just select the "Late Fees" tab and insert the number of days late.  These payments may also be made in the Housing office.

Something has gone wrong in my apartment/house, what should I do?  You may submit a work order to plant via email at customerservice@gonzaga.edu.  On this work order please cc: your Community Advocate and the Residence Director.  If there is an emergency please call Campus Security at (509) 313-2222.

The laundry machines have broke down what do I do?  You notify the housing office at housing@gonzaga.edu or (509) 313-4103.  The laundry machines are supplied by a vendor who does the repairs.  Plant Services will not make repairs to laundry machines. 

My smoke detector/fire alarm keeps making a sound, what does this mean?  This means the batteries in your detector are most likely low.  Please submit a work order and Plant will service these devices for you.

Do I need to have cleaning supplies in my apartment/house?  Yes, you are required to have and use cleaning supplies such as a mop, floor cleaning agent, vacuum, disinfectant spray, etc.

Who is required to shovel the snow outside of my residence?  If you live in a GU owned house you are required to shovel all walkways to your household.

What happens if a room in my apartment/house is vacant?  If you have a vacant room in your residence you will need to pay the difference for this vacant room.

Are service and support animals allowed in Gonzaga owned off-campus living?  Yes, however, you will need to contact Disability Access in order to be approved for such animals.  Their phone number is (509) 313-4134.

Are there any off-campus housing options other than GU owned housing?  There certainly are!  You may check the Virtual Bulletin Board for other housing listings. 

How new are the off-campus living facilities?  These facilities, as well as many living options in the Logan neighborhood, vary in age and condition.  It is important to keep this in mind when considering a transition into off-campus living.  The Logan Neighborhood is comprised of residential facilities built between 1890 and today.


How do I get into an off-campus apartment?  Apartments off- campus are advertised on the Virtual Bulletin Board.

Am I allowed to send mail to my apartment complex?  You are not given a key to the mailboxes outside of your apartment complex.  Mail sent to this address will be non-deliverable.  We recommend using your on-campus mailbox to receive your mail.

Do I get to select the roommates I live with in my apartment?  Yes.  If you do not select a roommate, you will be required to pay the whole rent and keep the apartment to yourself.

Am I allowed to remove university furniture from my apartment?  You are not allowed to move any of the furniture from your apartment.  The University will remove the bed if you wish to supply your own.  All other furniture must remain.