River Inn Hall

The River Inn is located at 700 North Division Street. The wing used to accommodate students is adjacent to campus, across the Schoenberg Center parking lot.

Not Available for 2017-18

This is a corridor style facility, nicely situated along the Spokane River, is not unlike Welch, DeSmet or Madonna.  However, there are no "common showers or bathrooms." Instead, you will receive a room that has its own shower and bathroom. While your peers sweat out the remains of summer during September in their regular residence halls, you will have your own air conditioning. The square footage in your rooms will be almost double that of most other residence hall rooms, providing you more room. You too, will have high speed data, free laundry facilities, a lounge/TV room, and Resident Assistants who will live with you and be ready to assist. River Inn residents also have access to the kitchen and recreation equipment located in the community room of the nearby Dussault Apartment Complex (accommodates over 200 sophomore residents).

The university's decision to use the River Inn is based on years of successfully doing so in the past, and based upon perceived positive student experiences in the River Inn. We used this facility in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, and 2014.

We maintain a positive relationship with the hotel and its management

Three live-in Resident Assistants with a Resident Director with living quarters and office in the adjacent Dussualt residence.
Creature comforts the River Inn provides include increased room size, in room bathroom, and AC. In the past, most freshmen returned to it as a "choice" as returning second year residents.

  • Courtesy free adjacent parking.
  • Walking distances:
    • College Hall 6 minutes.
    • Downtown Spokane 10 minutes
    • Schoenberg (professional studies dept) 30 seconds
    • Jundt Art Center 3 minutes
    • Tilford Center academic building and cafe 3 minutes
    • Duff's Bistro, or the GU Apparel shop or our new chapel in Kennedy Apartments 5 minutes
    • Hemmingson (Student) Center 8 minutes

Our arrangement with the River Inn does NOT include use of recreation areas, or room services of the hotel. However, students are welcomed to use the hotel restaurant.

The university provides security and staff for this portion of the hotel, and most minor repairs to student room and room equipment. You will not have to deal with hotel staff for anything. The north half of this last building has been rented to us and secured from the rest of the hotel.

We now have 745 on campus residents living at this west end of campus and two retail on campus eating establishments and a chapel. The west end of campus is a growing and vibrant community that includes Dussault, Burch, Kennedy and River Inn Hall.

Each room contains

  • air conditioner and heater
  • bathroom with bathtub, shower, and toilet
  • closet (separate from housing furniture)

Common room

  • two couches
  • bathroom with bathtub, shower, and toilet
  • large flat screen tv
  • tables and chairs
  • heater and air conditioner

Additional Photos

River Inn Hall exterior

River Inn Hall bedroom with bunk beds