Disability Resources

The University has a policy of trying its very best to provide accommodations to students with short or long term disabilities that help them navigate the demands of life as a student. Like most universities, the more timely the notice and request, the more likely we are to be able to assist. We have some deadlines we suggest below that we have learned are our limits with regard to notification that is timely enough to respond well to. These limits are suggested by the Office of Disability Access.

If you need disability-related housing accommodations, we must receive your request and adequate documentation by the following dates:

  • Incoming students - May 15
  • Current students - December 15

If we receive your request and/or documentation after these dates we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate you. Documentation received after the deadline will be reviewed in collaboration with the Housing Department for approval and implementation on a space available basis.

For more information, and requirements for requesting special accommodations in housing or other university related areas, please refer directly to the portion of the university website administered by the Disability Access.