Theme House Program

The Theme House Program, created in the early 1990's at one time was upwards of 35 houses in the Logan Neighborhood surrounding campus.  With this many houses, we used the theme program to attract and retain residents and tried to maintain as much of a 'residence life' feel as we could.  We are down to 14 houses this year, and expect 1-2 houses to be repurposed for 2019-2020, leaving between 12 and 13.  While it made sense to have a vibrant theme program when the portfolio was much larger, as the number of houses declines we have re-evaluated the purpose and need of the program.

We have chosen to retire this program over the next year - through attrition.  Those in a current theme who potentially have one more year before graduation, can choose to retain that theme as long as they sign a new 2019-2020 Rental Agreement and pay rent through next summer.  Special note: if there are students eligible to return to a house GU needs to repurpose as soon as 2019-2020 those students will receive priority to pick from houses scheduled to be open for 2019-2020, in advance - yet must relocate for next year.

The houses being vacated this year will retain the blue Gonzaga sign on any external wall, if one exists, yet the theme identification will be removed.  As well, these will remain Gonzaga Houses, with the traditional 24/7 assistance with property emergencies as well as residence life support and outreach. In summary, we are only retiring the ‘theme competition’ method of selecting who lives in a house, and using the Virtual Bulletin Board, accessible from our website, to solicit interest.

We will advertise our still available properties on our Virtual Bulletin Board and receive interest on a first come, first signed basis.  Your contact will be our room assignments professionals, Cathy Santangelo and Lisa Owens