SYE (Second Year Experience)

About this Intentional Living Community:

Students in Second Year Experience Intentional Living Community will have all the social opportunities of a traditional residence hall, while also having the opportunity to engage in activities and programs that are tailored to the Second Year Experience of students. Through living in community with other students who share the same class identity, students will explore and be transformed in the four core areas of the SYE program: Finding Purpose, Developing Resilience, Cultivating Intercultural Competence, and Promoting Well-Being and Healthy Living. All Second year Students who live in Kennedy Apartments, which is the designated SYE Intentional Living Community, will have the opportunity to engage with the program.

How Do I Participate?

You are expected to fully participate in this program during your time living in the SYE Intentional Living space.

In hall programs and events, campus programs and events, 1:1 engagement and group reflections will all be marketed and tracked online using Zagtivities. Make sure to use your ID to swipe into events created by and hosted by the Residence Life Team to fully engage in the SYE program.

What does fully participate mean?

 It means that we want you to be a community member that takes ownership of their space and their existence in the program by engaging in conversation with their peers and their RA, attending programmatic efforts at least once a month and contributing to your personal development and the development of your peers living in community together.

What Happens If I Choose Not To Fully Participate?

We hope that you will have every opportunity provided to you by our staff team for this not to be the case; however, if you choose not to participate a discussion with a Residence Life staff team member will be required. During the meeting, you will be asked to reflect on your community engagement, we will promote opportunities for you to engage or determine if the SYE program is any longer a viable community option for you to exist within.

Benefits of this Intentional Living Community:

Prevent and/or navigate through the "sophomore slump."

Intentional engagement to transition into adulting and life off campus.

Participants who attend in a minimum of three events per month will be entered into a monthly drawing to win prizes!

Why These Four Core Areas?

The SYE focus areas were created in alignment with the university mission and the student development vision statement. The Second Year Experience Program engages sophomore students intentionally through the same lens as the divisions shared values.  


In our desire to help students become men and women for others, we accompany them in the ongoing process of identifying talents, discerning values, vocations, and callings, while discovering career directions.



Recognizing that St. Ignatius serves as a role model for recovering from discouragement from adversity, tragedy, failure or significant stress, we accompany students through a process of using their best selves to honor the tensions that exist between times of desolation and consolation.



Because we believe in the God-given dignity of the human person, we accompany students in exploring their own identities, and developing skills, attitudes and behaviors that allow them to be in respectful relationship with all people and learning to put the best interpretation on others’ words and behaviors.




Informed by the Spiritual Exercises, we accompany students through a process of reflection that cultivates a habit of gratitude and humility which results in practices and behaviors that promote health of the whole person (body, mind and spirit), accountability for self-care and community sense of cura personalis.