Engineering & Computer Science

About this Learning Living Community (LLC):

Now located in two adjacent, suite-style residence halls near the center of campus, Gonzaga's Engineering LLC is open to all first and second years pursuing a degree in engineering or computer science.  This LLC is the result of a partnership between the housing department and Gonzaga's School of Engineering.  Students in this LLC are provided with numerous opportunities to connect with faculty, staff, and local engineering professionals at Gonzaga and throughout the greater Spokane community.  Students interested in living in a tight-knit community that encourages a stimulating learning environment in college are highly encouraged to apply!

Open To: First and Second Years, men and women

Additional Requirements: None

Key Programs/Events:

  • Engineering Challenges: tackle and design a solution to a challenge with your situates.
  • Guest Speakers: ranging from on campus faculty to local professionals specializing in the field of engineering.
  • Signature Events: connect and engage with your community over hall dinners, off campus treks, weekly engagements, etc.

Benefits of this LLC:

  • Extremely large common spaces, perfect for study groups
  • Modern recreational equipment and new kitchen facilities
  • Direct access to the School of Engineering and Computer Science
  • In-hall tutoring, which takes place in the in-hall classroom facilities
  • In-hall printing

Live from the Hall

"Most of the freshman hang out in the common areas and do homework.  This year, the freshman really started the year off strong by working in groups and we are quite close." - Payne

"I really feel privileged living here because Goller is such a great and new facility where you can always do homework with your neighbors, but still have your own space." - Joseph

Location: Dillon and Goller Halls

Living Style: Suite Style, men and women in separate suites