Upper Division Students

Upper Division Housing




The University focuses its on campus housing upon first and second year students.  Such students ‘age out’ of the requirement after four semesters or at 21, whichever comes first, at which point they are no longer guaranteed GU housing.   We require students under 21 to live on campus for two full years, excluding summer terms.  Our mission with our residence facilities is thus aimed and focused as a priority to accommodating those students first.


We continue to maintain some upper division space both on and off campus on a first come/first served basis using a variety of sign up processes between middle of October and middle of November.  This allows those students unsuccessful in acquiring upper division space, significant time to search for something off campus during the remainder of the academic year.


The Department of Housing and Residence Life is comprehensive in scope, so part of our mission is to assist students, when needed, in finding something off campus, even with private landlords.  We pay for, manage and host an ‘on line’ website based tool where landlords and other students can post vacancies for students and communicate back and forth.  We strive to be the housing experts, with wisdom about our off campus neighborhood, pricing, styles of private facilities, and such.  Annually, we survey the prices in the private market and produce a comparison sheet for students to discern cost differentials between on campus options and off campus ones.  Additionally, we get more specific in comparing our ‘upper division’ apartments against those off campus in our neighborhood as well as some nice communities 10 miles out.  By Thanksgiving each year, this information is available upon the asking, via drop in to the office or email request for the information.  A couple of professionals in our main office also welcome neighborhood walks to discuss the various quadrants within walking distance and how they differ from one another.


As of academic year 2018/19, more than 75% of our upper division/law/grad population lives off campus at Gonzaga University.  The vast majority are very comfortable and are paying ‘less’ than they would living on campus.