Study Abroad FAQ

Does the University provide one term housing on campus without penalties?

Yes.  In most instances, students now will have already signed up for the next academic year's housing prior to even knowing they are authorized to study abroad.  The Housing and Residence Life department will adjust the "booking" to a semester only term, with no penalties, once the student announces they have been granted the study abroad authorization.

Refer to questions 4 and 5 below for more specifics based upon the particular semester you are scheduled to study abroad.

Does the University provide priority housing and or guarantee of specific building for students studying abroad in fall semester and returning to campus for spring semester?

No. However, we do guarantee housing on campus for returning lower division students spring semester and have a high success rate placing upper division students even if that ends up being in lower division housing.  If in third year of college, students assigned to lower division housing are NOT required to have meal plans.  So our entire housing system is open to placement, although we strive to place returning students in upper division apartment style spaces on and off campus when opportunity exists. 

I'm studying abroad this spring semester.  Can I still participate in upper division housing sign up processes for next academic year?

Yes. This is because we now conduct upper division sign up process for the next academic year beginning in November and complete the process prior to Thanksgiving, while you are still in town!

I am studying abroad fall semester next year and returning for spring semester.  Can I participate in next year's sign up process?

No. Unless you are part of an arranged 'swap out' as mentioned in question 5 below.  If you are not part of a process like that, you simply apply for a 'spring only' term for the spring you will return and an assignment will be made and communicated to you late into the winter holiday break.

Can a few friends studying abroad between Fall and Spring semesters pre-arrange room swap outs between semesters in an apartment?

Yes.  The Department of Housing and Residence Life can assist with this arrangement if the group comes in to speak with the Room Assignments Coordinator prior to the fall sign up process.