Payments & Fee Waivers

The Mission: Possible program fee covers all travel and program costs including transportation, lodging, meals, and a donation to host organizations.

Deposit & Program Fee

To sign up for Mission: Possible students pay a $150 non-refundable deposit. In addition to the deposit, students will be responsible for paying the following program fee due in two installments prior to spring break. 

Table indicating fees for Mission: Possible Service Immersion Trip. Deposit is due November 8, 2019. The deposit will be $150 for both flying and driving sites. Program Fee Installment 1 is due December 15. 2019. Program Fee Installment 1 will be $300 for flying sites and $100 for driving sites. Program Fee Installment 2 is due February 15, 2019. Program Fee Installment 2 will be $300 for flying sites and $100 for driving sites. Flying sites will cost a total of $750 for the participant. Driving sites will cost $350 for the student participant.

Fee waivers are available for this program and the application for financial assistance is included in the program registration form. Visit our fee waivers page for more information.