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1. How many students are in the program?
About 100 students are enrolled in the doctoral leadership program at any given time.

2. How long will it take to complete the program?
That depends on the student. Some go full-time, taking two to four classes in a semester, while other students take one class at a time, or are "summers-only" students.

3. What does it mean to be a "summers-only" student?
This generally just refers to students who complete all of their required courses only during the summer term. Often, these students live out of town and travel to (and temporarily live in) Spokane during that term. But there are many different ways to schedule your program. Some students will supplement their on-campus summer studies with individually directed studies or online courses, taken throughout the year. Others will add in the occasional regular-year on-campus course. However, given that the final step in the program is a doctoral dissertation, all students should expect to work year-round during that phase.

4. When do classes meet?
Generally, all classes meet from 6 to 10 p.m., with the exception of 8 a.m. until noon on Saturdays. Refer to your syllabus for specific locations and other details.

5. Does the program offer online courses?
This is an on-campus program. We do, however, offer two online courses per year (three credits each) that students may enroll in if they choose. Up to 12 credits (total) during your program may be obtained online.

6. When do I have to decide on my start date?
We recommend that applicants apply to the program six months in advance of their desired start date. Please click here to view the application deadlines.

7. I've been out of school and in the workforce for a while now. Do I still need to provide academic references?
We like to see two academic recommendations and one employer recommendation, but we are flexible.

8. How much does tuition cost?
Tuition for Spring 2017 is $995 per credit. (Note that this is a 60-credit program.) Other costs students should consider are the costs of books for courses and the dissertation, as well as basic costs of living, transportation, relocation, etc. The Student Accounts office is responsible for the preparation and distribution of billing statements for tuition, fees, room, board and other related fees. They also process payments, set up payment plans, disburse financial aid, and issue refunds. Click here to go to the Student Accounts web page.

In order to receive financial aid, a student must be enrolled for at least three credits in any one semester. Counselors are on-hand to provide wise guidance about your financial options. Click here to go to the Financial Aid web page.

9. Are scholarships available?
The doctoral program in leadership studies provides graduate assistantships. For all other aid, please see the financial aid website.

10. Does the program have any special focus areas?
The program does not have any formal research emphasis, but in their own research our faculty members tend to focus on servant leadership, rapid assessment, leading in complexity, and feminist leadership, among other areas.

11. With which organizations are you affiliated?
We are affiliated with the International Journal of Servant Leadership and the International Leadership Association.

12. How big are the classes?
Most class sizes max out at 15 students, though the 730 Proposal Seminar only accepts eight students at a time.

13. What is the faculty advising process like?
Each student is assigned a pre-candidacy advisor on admission to the program. Once you've passed candidacy, you'll choose a dissertation faculty advisor (also known as a dissertation chairperson), who will work with you to complete your requirements for graduation. Faculty members also serve as mentors, providing as much encouragement and support as you need along the journey to graduation.

14. Can I sit in on a class, or talk with a current student?
Definitely. To arrange this, please contact Program Coordinator Kristin Telin, at telin@gonzaga.edu.

15. Do I have to live in Spokane while enrolled?
About half of the students in the program live in Spokane. While most students tend to travel from the western half of the United States, we've had students travel all the way from Florida, Hawaii and Italy.

16. Can I transfer credits received in another doctoral program?
More information about transferring credits can be found here.

17. Can I audit a course?
You must be a registered Gonzaga graduate student in order to audit a course in the Doctoral Program in Leadership Studies, and registration in the course is required. No credit hours are earned, and audited courses do not apply toward a degree. The "AU" grade is not an option for instructors. Students must register for this grade mode no later than the registrar's drop/add date. Anyone who audits a course must have the permission of the instructor and will be expected to do all the required work.

18. Where can I work out?
The Rudolf Fitness Center is located on the southeast side of campus. Access to the center, however, is not included in the price of tuition. However, you can opt in with a fee for fall/spring, or a smaller fee for the summer semester.

19. Can I take a semester off once I'm admitted?
Yes, though when you go to register for classes in a subsequent semester, you'll need a "quick admit." Just contact the Student Services Coordinator at (509) 313-3485 prior to the semester in which you intend to register. This applies to all students, including summers-only students.

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