FNP Student Evaluation (<20 hours)

Thank you for serving as a clinical preceptor for Gonzaga University School of Nursing and Human Physiology. We recognize and appreciate your vital role in shaping exceptional future nurse practitioners.

Please use this form to evaluate a clinical practice experience fewer than 20 hours. Students are required to obtain feedback from each preceptor with whom they work. Please record your evaluation and review it with the student.

Gonzaga University faculty review this form to learn about the level of student performance in clinical rotations, to monitor the standards of performance and to ensure that every student who graduates from GU’s Family Nurse Practitioner or Adult Geriatric Nurse Practitioner Options will be able to perform as an entry level nurse practitioner.

**The form is successfully submitted when completed in one sitting and a banner will pop up after the successful submission to let you know that it has been received.**

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N/A = Unable to evaluate
1 = Strongly Disagree
2 = Disagree
3 = Neither agree or disagree
4 = Agree
5 = Strongly Agree
  • The student was appropriately interested and inquisitive about the special services provided in this setting.

  • The level of participation by and input from the student was appropriate for this clinical setting.

  • The student was able to formulate a satisfactory assessment or interpretation of the data.

  • The student devised an appropriate plan appropriate to this clinical situation and circumstances.

  • The student was able to implement intervention plans with clients in this setting:
  • If yes, this/these intervention/s were satisfactory for the clients and the situation.