Graduate Preceptor Information

Welcome Preceptors

Gonzaga University School of Nursing seeks to educate and inspire healthcare professionals to make a positive impact in the world around them. Rooted in our Jesuit heritage, we strive to cultivate in our students a passion for knowledge, the determination to transform healthcare, the willingness and capacity to be leaders in their disciplines, the courage to work for justice, and the compassion to care for and serve our world.

Continuing Excellence in Nursing

Thank you for serving as a clinical preceptor for Gonzaga University School of Nursing and Human Physiology. We recognize and appreciate your vital role in shaping exceptional future nurse practitioners. Together, as a community of learning, we can continue excellence in nursing.

Why Precept?

Precepting nursing leadership students or nurse practitioner students is an exceptional opportunity to pay forward the work of your own preceptors and help shape the next generation of nurse leaders and nurse practitioners.  Teaching strengthens our understanding of a topic and this benefits your patients and your practice. As a preceptor and mentor, you are our academic partner in integrating classroom learning with the clinical practice of nursing.