As part of the mission to challenge its community and inspire meaningful leadership, the School of Leadership Studies presents WOMEN LEAD, an initiative designed to educate and empower women, personally and professionally.

Through programs such as full-day conferences, presentations, workshops, and a new Certificate in Women's Leadership, WOMEN LEAD equips individuals and their organizations to support and encourage women's advancement.

Certificate in Women's Leadership

  • A 14-week online/on-campus program designed to support women's advancement in the workplace.
  • Anyone with 5 years work experience and/or an undergraduate degree is encouraged to apply.
  • Approximate time commitment is 3-5 hours per week online, plus two (2) intensives (2 days each) on Gonzaga's campus.

WOMEN LEAD Napa Valley

  • Join us for this destination women's leadership conference set in the pristine Napa Valley, CA. We will focus on the latest research in women's leadership, specifically male-dominated industries, and offer two tracks: Women's Leadership and Wine Law. 
  • Women Lead Napa Valley Conference: Friday & Saturday, February 21-22nd, 2020. Cost is $349/person. 


  • Informative presenters, skill-building workshops, networking opportunities, and inspirational speakers. 
  • 2020 Conference: Wednesday, March 18, 2020 at the Hemmingson Center. Cost is $179/person before Feb. 15th. 


  • Informative presenters, skill-building workshops, networking opportunities, and inspirational speakers.
  • 2020 conference: Friday, May 15, 2020 at the Museum of Flight. Cost is $199/person before April 3rd. 

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