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Advance your career by completing one of our certificate programs. Certificates give you an opportunity to pursue a passion, gain expertise, and increase your leadership skills. They provide you with distinction from your peers. We currently offer two (2) certificate programs: a Certificate in Foundational Leadership, and a Certificate in Women's Leadership. Stay tuned for more certificates in the works, including a Certificate in Servant Leadership. Learn more below!

Certificate in Foundational Leadership

Formerly known as the Emerging Leaders Program, the Certificate in Foundational Leadership (CFL) is a 9-month individual leadership program designed to accelerate your leadership effectiveness. CFL is designed for a small cohort of high-potential professional leaders from numerous organizations and industries, which allows students to examine leadership challenges from many different perspectives. Now in its 12th year, the program has over 100 alumni employed at dozens of companies across the Inland Northwest. Its three-part model is based on the following: Practical Learning, Leadership Assessments, and Mentorship. 

  • Increase knowledge, understanding, and skills related to professional leadership styles.
  • Increase knowledge and understanding of team development and leading teams.
  • Increase knowledge in working with people of diverse identities, philosophies, approaches, strengths, and limitations.
  • Improve communication skills.
  • Engage in professional mentoring relationship. 

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Certificate in Women's Leadership

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The Certificate in Women’s Leadership is a 3-month, non-degree course designed for professionals who wish to develop skills and practices for advancing women in the workplace.  Through online learning and on-campus immersions, the course exposes students to research and studies regarding women in the workplace, as well as current readings and materials on the subject. Additionally, the course offers practical skills for overcoming common barriers facing women in the workplace. Learn more about program details here.

What You'll Learn:

  • Gain tools and skills to navigate the unique dilemmas that working women face, such as “double-binds” and “unconscious bias.”
  • Understand one’s individual, unique leadership identity and how it surfaces in teams.
  • Enhance one’s emotional intelligence for greater effectiveness in leadership roles.
  • Develop skills to communicate and negotiate authentically and confidently in various situations.
  • Identify practices and attitudes that contribute to a healthy, fulfilling work-life balance.

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Certificate in Servant Leadership (Coming soon!)

Currently in development, the Certificate in Servant Leadership will give you practical application of servant leadership in the workplace. Stay tuned! 

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Gonzaga University's Certificate in Foundational Leadership gives high-potential employees the chance to stretch their skills, making them an even more valuable asset to their companies.

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