IJSL Volume 5

Introductory Commentary

Insights and Inspiration – Larry C. Spears

The Question of Love and Power – Shann Ferch

The Poetry of Servant-Leadership

That M Word – Richard Cummins

The Essence of Servant-Leadership

An Inward Journey – Robert Greenleaf

Holistic Servant-Leadership – George SanFacon and Larry Spears

Savoring Life Through Servant-Leadership – Richard Leider and Larry Spears

Can I Be Fearless? – Margaret Wheatley

Servant-Leadership Essays, Theory, and Science

“Purity Versus Popularity”: Potential Opportunities and Tensions Among the Differing Emphases of Servant-Leadership – Stephen Prosser

The Management Development Legacy of Robert Greenleaf – Jeff McCollum and Joel Moses

Positively Impacting Our Wasteful Ways of Life – Matthew Kincaid

Servant-Leadership as a Predictor of Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment With the Moderating Effects of Organizational Support and Role Clarity Among Filipino Engineering, Manufacturing, and Technology Workers – G.R. Bud West, Mihai Bocarnea, and Dioscoro Maranon

Research-Based Models of Servant-Leadership: A Review of the Literature – Jeffrey McClellan

Servant-Leadership: A Case Study of the Phenomenon in a Public K-12 School Setting – Jason Anderson and Barbara N. Martin

Faith-Based Volunteers in Local Jails: The Inaugural Test of Servant-Leadership – Linda Keena

Serving the Led: Democratic Options for a Nigerian Village – Peter Oleh Amah

Transcendent Leadership: Theory and Practice of an Emergent Metaphor – John Jacob Zucker Gardiner and Elizabeth Lena Walker

Gardening Tips for Servant-Leaders – Thorsten Grahn

Servant-Leadership in the Mythology of J.R.R. Tolkien – Frederick Schuepfer

Servant-Leadership as a Cornerstone for Restoration of Human Dignity – Jose Hernandez

Storm Warnings: The Obvious and Latent Disorder Approaching From Changes in the Environment, Addiction, and Family Structure – Charles W. Kinman

Servant-Leadership and the Executive

Receiving the Gift of Servant-Leadership – Paul M. Nakai

The Three C’s of Servant-Leadership – Mohan Nair

Servant-Leadership in Film and Literature

Book Review: Political Leadership and Jesus’ “Best Test”: A Review of The Politics of Jesus: Rediscovering the True Revolutionary Nature of the Teachings of Jesus and How They Have Been Corrupted – Richard Cummins

The Poetry of Servant-Leadership

Directions for Arriving in the Middle of Nowhere – Richard Cummins