IJSL Volume 3

Introductory Commentary

The Road Less Traveled – Larry Spears

When We Rise – Shann Ferch

The Poetry of Servant-Leadership

You Like to Fly at Night – Nadine Chapman

Vision and Poetry – Nadine Chapman

The Essence of Servant-Leadership

Who Is the Servant-Leader? – Robert Greenleaf

America and World Leadership – Robert Greenleaf

With a Servant’s Heart – Larry Spears

The Natural Feeling to Serve: An Interview With Larry Spears – James K. Dittmar

Love and Work: A Conversation With James A. Autry – Larry Spears and John Noble

Servant-Leadership: Love, Honor, and Courage – Myrlie Evers-Williams

Servant-Leadership Essays, Theory, and Science

In the Name of Service: Exploring the Social Enterprise Workplace Experience Through the Lens of Servant-Leadership – Virginia Klamon

Modesty in Leadership: A Study of the Level Five Leader – Lucia M. Hamilton and Charlotte M. Knoche

Accentuating Servant-Leadership in Singapore Leadership Mentoring – Lim Lee Hean and Low Guat Tin

A Priest Forever: The Story of Rev. Florence Li Tim-Oi – Peter Lim

The Image of God, Servant-Leadership and Forgiveness – Karen Petersen Finch

Servant-Leadership, Regenerative Love, and Forgiveness – Harris W. Fawell

Fethullah Gulen as a Servant-Leader – Gurkan Celik and Yusuf Alan

Reaching out to a Race: Marcus Garvey and Mass Communication Through the Lenses of Servant-Leadership – Scott Finnie

Spiritual Leadership and Reflection – Leonard Doohan

Servant-Leadership Context: A Multi-Case Pilot Study – Mark A. Rennaker and Daniel A. Novak

Servant and Steward: The Steward Leader Model for Unleashing Human Potential – Martha M. Geaney

Who’s Writing About Servant-Leadership: Or the Art of Bibliography – Betsy Hine

Servant-Leadership and the Executive

The Journey of Leadership Development From the Inside out: Beginning – Paul M. Nakai

Servant-Leadership in Corporate Strategy – Mohan Nair

Lives of Servant-Leadership

Parker Palmer on Servant-Leadership: An Interview – Michael Lieberman Carey, Mike Poutiatine, and Shann Ferch

Servant-Leadership in Film and Literature

Film Review: The Queen – Lois Melina

Film Review: Akeelah and the Bee – Mark A. Beattie and Frank A. Beattie

Book Review: Values-Driven Business: How to Change the World, Make Money, and Have Fun – Hector Javier Rocafort

Book Review: Leading With Values: Positivity, Virtue, and High Performance – Thomas Maier

The Poetry of Servant-Leadership

What Is This Passion for Journey – Nadine Chapman