IJSL Volume 15

Introductory Commentary

A Journey in Servant-Leadership – Larry C. Spears

The Beauty of Embracing the Shadow – Shann Ray Ferch and Jiying Song

The Poetry of Servant-Leadership

We Are All God’s Poems – Isaiah Hernandez

I Have a Story to Tell – Will You Listen? – Amy L Belisle

The Essence of Servant-Leadership

Reflections on the Origins of Robert K. Greenleaf's Five Books – Larry C. Spears

Head, Hands, and Heart: The Essential Tripod of Servant-Leadership Education – Michael Carey, Kathleen Patterson, & Larry C. Spears

Servant-Leadership Essays, Theory, and Science

COVID-19 Reflections: A North Carolina Story – Lea E. Williams

Interruptive Symbology: Servant-Leadership from Micro-Observation to Macro-Movement – Anne M. “Marnie” Rorholm

Spirituality Revisited: Heeding Greenleaf's Call for the Spirituality of Leadership – Cheryl Broetje

A Door Ajar, Peering into the Nature of a Person: Three Insights for Servant-Leadership – Michael T. Von Behren

Political Skill: A Servant-Leadership Complementary – Peter Mulinge

Servant-Leadership for Social and Environmental Justice – Jeff Vanek

Motivational Interviewing: A Tool for Servant-Leadership – Jemima Neddy Organ

Servant-Leadership and the Montessori Philosophy: A Principal’s View – Christine M. A. Lapierre & Bonnie Caldwell

Cultivating Volunteer Leaders in the Fertile Climate of Servant-Leadership – Michael T. Von Behren

The Social Construction of Leadership Through Parenting – Blaze Burnham

My Fortuitous Encounters: A Law & People Who Listened – Bobbette Brown-Vandenberg

The Poetry of Servant-Leadership

We Are All God’s Poems – José Hernandez