IJSL Volume 14

Introductory Commentary

A Journey in Servant-Leadership – Larry C. Spears

Servant-Leadership: A Holistic Life – Jiying Song and Shann Ray Ferch

The Poetry of Servant-Leadership

The Birth of the Modern – Lynne Knight

The Echoes of Service – Ijeoma G. Ukeni

The Essence of Servant-Leadership

Reflections on Servant-Leadership and the United Kingdom:  Interview with John Noble and Ralph Lewis – Larry C. Spears

Servant-Leadership in Turbulent Times: A Conversation with Larry C. Spears – Jiying Song

Servant-Leadership Essays, Theory, and Science

The Women’s Project—A Power Balance Issue in the Core of a Spanish Feminist Organization: A Case Study Inquiry Through the Lens of Servant-Leadership and Feminism – Carla Penha-Vasconcelos

Servant First or Survival First? How Servant-Leaders Lead During COVID-19 – Jiying Song

Eros and Logos: Servant-Leadership, Feminism, and the Critical Unities of Gender Well-Being – Shann Ray Ferch

Perceived Servant-Leadership Affects Job Satisfaction in Higher Education: A Literature Review – Haroon Rasheed Baqai

Teaching and Learning Servant-Leadership in the Outdoors – Jerome Gabriel, Sydney Sklar, and Jessica Monu

Servant-Leadership and Trust between Teachers and Principals – Brent Kuykendall and Charles L. Slater

Spirituality and Servant-Leadership in Teaching Developmental Mathematics – Dan W. Royer and Amy Baize-Ward

The Humility to Serve: Acknowledging a Fallible Spirit and Nurturing Growth – Nick Huge

How to Communicate Servant-Leadership: An Exploration of Relational Communication and Employee Outcomes – David Sloan, Alan Mikkelson, and Timothy Wilkinson

Did Servant-Leadership Save the Lone Survivor? The Pashtunwali Ethos as a Foundation for the Practice of Servant-Leadership – X. Jasmine Bordere and Franklin G. Mixon, Jr.

The Relationship Between Servant-Leadership and Self-Transcendence in a Spiritual Organization – Crystal J. Davis

Receptive Communication: A Holistic Orientation for Servant-Leaders – Stephen Michael Tumolo

Burnout on the Front Lines: Physicians and Nurses as Servant-Leaders During COVID-19 – Rebekah Rogers

My Journey into the Servant-Leadership Movement – Joseph Rocky Wallace

Servant-Leadership and the Executive

Fifteen Brief Insights on Servant-Leadership – Larry C. Spears

Do Women Stand Back to Move Forward? Gender Differences in Top US Business Leaders’ Messages of Servant-Leadership – Kae Reynolds

Servant-Leadership in Film and Literature

Selma: An Exploration of the Womanist Lens and the Servant-Leader – Carmen dela Cruz

An Evaluation of Moonlight’s Intersectional Pedagogy: How Does Identity Affect Leadership? – Matthew Williams

Prophetic Story-Weaving and Truth-Telling: On the Road to Servant-Leadership in Smoke Signals – Erin K. Davis

The Silver Screen as Mirror: Investigating Servant-Leadership in American Film – Joe Walsh

The Poetry of Servant-Leadership

Up and Going – Ijeoma G. Ukeni

The Sudden Holy – Lynne Knight