IJSL Volume 13

Introductory Commentary

A Journey in Servant-Leadership – Larry C. Spears

The Quest for Wholeness – Shann Ray Ferch

How We See: Project Managers as Servant-Leaders – Jiying Song

The Poetry of Servant-Leadership

Magpies Recognize Themselves in the Mirror – Kelli Russell Agodon

The Essence of Servant-Leadership

Interview with Larry C. Spears – Ben Lichtenwalner

The Common Good and Servant-Leadership: Rocks upon Which Good Societies, Organizations, and Leaders Are Built – Dung Q. Tran and Larry C. Spears

Servant-Leadership Essays, Theory, and Science

The Dark Side of Servant-Leadership – Thomas W. Camm

An Alternative Approach in Hospitality: Exploring the Leadership Philosophy of a Successful Restauranteur Family – Scott Linklater and Kem Gambrell

The Qualitative Essence of Servant-Leadership – Jiying Song and Shann Ray Ferch

Reducing the Impact of Geographic Dispersion on the Practice of Servant-Leadership: The Role of Technology in Leading from Afar – Kevin J. Hurt, Daniel K. Kurber, and Alexander M. Stodola

Servant-Leadership in Higher Education: A Look Through Students' Eyes – Iqbal AlShammari, Florentina Halimi, Cathy Daniel, and Meshari Thaher AlHusaini

Love and Servant-Leadership – Tom Buck

The Interior Dictates the Exterior: In Individuals and Organizations – Kevin Parker

A Framework for Developing and Sustaining Effective Project Teams – Joe Goss

Servant-Leadership and the Executive

The Invisible Dimension of Leadership and Culture: Part II – Paul Nakai in collaboration with Dustin W. Seale

Servant-Leadership in Film and Literature

Film Review: "Njan Prakashan" – Philip Mathew

The Poetry of Servant-Leadership

Hunger – Kelli Russell Agodon