IJSL Volume 12

Introductory Commentary

A Journey in Servant-Leadership – Larry C. Spears

When the World Speaks Life: Servant-Leadership as a Guiding Force Below Conscious Being – Shann Ray Ferch

For the Beauty of the Earth: Serving Others Through Being Fully Present – Jiying Song

The Poetry of Servant-Leadership

The (Im)Precision of Language – Shaindel Beers

The Essence of Servant-Leadership

A Personal Remembrance of Warren Bennis – Larry C. Spears

Make Your Life Extraordinary: The Teacher as Servant-Leader – Michael J. Reilly & Larry C. Spears

Servant-Leadership Essays, Theory, and Science

The Will to (Share) Power: Privilege, Positionality, and the Servant-Leader – Jennifer Tilghman-Havens

5Cs of Managerial Leadership – Nalini Vadivelan

Servant-Leadership Decision-Making Rubric: A Greenleaf-Inspired Assessment Tool for Employee-Based Issues – Henry J. Davis

Discerning Service: The Leader as Servant and the Ignatian Tradition – Luke Lavin

The Anchor of Servant-Leadership: Julius Nyerere and the Virtue of Humility – Peter Mulinge

My Father as a Lifelong Servant-Leader – Jonathan Potter

Leading Through Awareness and Healing: A Servant-Leadership Model – Jiying Song

Servant-Leadership as Loving Leadership: Explorations for Catholic Health Ministry – Michael D. Cox

Servant-Leadership in Higher Education in Saudi Arabia – Areej Abdullah Shafai

Altruism and Altruistic love: Intrinsic Motivation for Servant-Leadership – Peter Mulinge

Servant-Leadership and the Executive

The Invisible Dimension of Leadership and Culture: Part I – Paul Nakai in collaboration with Dustin W. Seale

Servant-Leadership in Film and Literature

Picture Books Exemplifying Servant-Leadership – Carolyn Crippen

Guide to the Robert K. Greenleaf Papers

The Poetry of Servant-Leadership

One Gaza Family Observes a Grim Holiday in Wartime – Shaindel Beers