IJSL Volume 1

Introductory Commentary 

A Journal of Devotion – Larry Spears

Servant-Leadership, A Way of Life – Shann Ferch

The Poetry of Servant-Leadership

Leaving It All Behind – James A. Autry

The Essence of Servant-Leadership

Greenleaf on Servant-Leadership: Who Is the Servant-Leader? – Robert K. Greenleaf

The Understanding and Practice of Servant-Leadership – Larry C. Spears

The Servant-Leader: From Hero to Host—An Interview with Margaret Wheatley – Larry C. Spears and John Noble

Servant-Leadership Essays, Theory, and Science

If at First You Don’t Succeed. . . – Stephen Prosser

Servant-Leadership, Forgiveness, and Social Justice – Shann Ferch

Servant-Leadership in a Changing Culture: Reflection on the Brazilian Context – Robson Marinho

Servant-Leadership and the Art of Teaching – Joshua B. Powers and John W. Moore

From Paternalism to the Servant Organization: Expanding the Organizational Leadership Assessment (OLA) Model – Jim Laub

Re-Imagining Power in Leadership: Reflection, Integration, and Servant-Leadership – Karel S. San Juan

Servant-Leadership and the Executive

The Crucial Role of Coaching in Servant-Leader Development – Paul Nakai

African American Leaders: Guardians of Public Values—An Interview with James Joseph – Juana Bordas

Servant-Leadership in Film and Literature

Film Review: “Thus Have We Made the World”: Using the Film The Mission to Explore the Choice for Servant-Leadership – Michael Lieberman Carey

Book Review: Practicing Servant-Leadership: Succeeding Through Trust, Bravery, and Forgiveness – Michael Lieberman Carey

The Poetry of Servant-Leadership

What Personnel Handbooks Never Tell You – James A. Autry