Michael C. McClintock

Professor Emeritus


  • S.J.D., Southern Methodist University, 1975
  • LL.M., Southern Methodist University, 1971
  • J.D., University of Tulsa College of Law, 1969; Recipient, Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship
  • B.A., University of Tulsa, 1965

Biographical Information

Professor McClintock had a dual specialization in business law and international business transactions, with an emphasis on NAFTA and doing business in Latin America. In the summer of 1987, he was a delegate to the first U.S./China Joint Session on Trade, Investment and Economic Law Conference in Beijing, and in December, 2002, he was a member of the Law Alumni Delegation to Cuba, with the People To People Ambassador Program.

Prof. McClintock received a certificate in “International Maritime Trade Perspectives,” Port of Seattle, WA, and a diploma in Chinese Law, University of East Asia, Hong Kong. He also coached Gonzaga’s National Appellate Advocacy Competition team.

He said: “Gonzaga uniquely offers a NAFTA ‘Plus’ law course covering hemispheric trade linkages in addition to International Business Transactions exposing students to the major issues involved in the transnational practice of law that is growing evermore important in a globalized world economy. Graduates have gone on to successfully complete LL.M programs in this niche area.”

Awards: Voted by the Student Bar Association as the “Best Teacher of the Year” four times, and was twice invited to be a faculty commencement speaker.

Professional Memberships

He was a member of the bar and licensed to practice in Oklahoma and Washington. He was admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court, and the Ninth and the Tenth Circuits, including the District Court for the Eastern District of Washington

He was a member of the ABA and Washington State Bar committees for International Law and Practice and Business Associations

Public Service

Drafted the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and associated paperwork to form a first-of-its-kind Native American spirituality association to apply traditional beliefs and methods (such as the sweat lodge, pipe ceremony, dancing, and the three circles of council fires) to help tribal members recover from alcohol, drugs, and abusive conduct as well as restore traditional values and ancient ways — the right “path.” On-going advice given from time to time.

When requested, he offered free legal research and analysis on select cases being handled by the Center for Justice Legal Clinic, Spokane, WA.


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  • NAFTA’s 12th Year: What’s Really Happening On The Ground Between The United States and Mexico? , Southwestern Journal of Law & Trade in the Americas (2007)
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Teaching Areas

  • Agency and Partnership
  • Corporations
  • International Business Transactions
  • NAFTA Plus Law