Application Information

Who should apply for the Thomas More Scholarship Program

The Thomas More Scholarship is available to incoming law school students and occasionally to current Gonzaga law students. If you are a current law student at Gonzaga, please contact the Director prior to applying. Applicants should evidence a strong social concern for the welfare of others, as demonstrated through a history of volunteer service and other activities.

Academic achievement, life and work experience are all considered in an effort to evaluate an applicant’s ability to successfully carry a full academic load and participate in Thomas More Scholarship Program activities.

Selected applicants typically achieved undergraduate GPAs of 3.5 or higher and LSAT scores in the top quartile.

Prior to attending law school, our Scholars have served as teachers, musicians, and nurses, as well as parents and spouses and in dozens of other roles. Many have also served as members of Peace Corps, the Jesuit Volunteer Corps, Teach For America, the Lutheran Volunteer Corps, branches of the U.S. military, AVODAH (the Jewish service corps), and similar organizations.

How to Apply to the Thomas More Scholarship Program for New Law School applicants.

  1. To apply for the Thomas More Scholarship Program, download and complete the application. When done, you may email it to the Thomas More Scholarship Program staff. See the instructions below, if you prefer to send it by mail or fax.
  2. This Application is separate from the application for admission to the Gonzaga University School of Law. Your Thomas More Scholarship Application must be submitted to Thomas More Scholarship Program staff by February 1. Please submit your application for admission to law school early. You must be admitted to Gonzaga University School of Law by February 1 to guarantee consideration of your Thomas More Scholarship Application.
  3. Applicants must be entering law school for the first time as first-year students.
  4. The Thomas More Scholarship Selection Committee will review the letters of recommendation you submitted with your application to be admitted to Gonzaga law school. If these letters do not address your volunteer service, you may submit to the Thomas More Scholarship Program one letter of recommendation that does address your volunteer service. This letter may be drafted by someone who drafted one of your recommendations for admission to law school. If you chose to submit one letter of recommendation to accompany your Thomas More Scholarship Program Application, you must submit that letter with the Letter of Recommendation Form included in the application packet.
  5. If you choose to submit an optional letter of recommendation, you must send it, along with the Letter of Recommendation Form, to: Thomas More Scholarship Program, Gonzaga University School of Law, P.O. Box 3528 Spokane, WA 99220-3528
  6. Alternatively, you may scan and e-mail the letter and form, or you may fax the application, the letter of recommendation, and the Letter of Recommendation Form to (509) 313-5840.Your completed application, together with the optional letter of recommendation, must be received no later than February 1. 
  7. In order for a completed application to be considered for the Thomas More Scholarship Program, the applicant must be admitted to the law school by February 1.
  8. If admitted to the Gonzaga University School of Law as a full-time student. The Thomas More Scholarship Program applicant must submit his or her application for admission to the Admissions Office in a timely fashion so that a decision on law school admission can be made.