Online Certificate Requirements

For each of the modules in the certificate program, you will have background readings to complete, videos to watch, and a final assessment or quiz to submit to test your understanding of the material covered. You will have three semesters to complete the components and the current semester (whatever your date of enrollment) counts toward that three-semester limit. You will have access to all topics immediately after you are officially enrolled, and you may decide to finish all of these online requirements within a single semester. The three-semester limit is intended to allow you to choose between several different options for the on-location required Immersion Event.

We recommend completing the topics in Module A (Industry Overview) and Module B (Wine and Society) first before moving on to the more advanced topics. Module B contains topics that introduce you to the fundamentals of wine and how it is used and enjoyed.

A - Wine Industry Fundamentals Module

Includes coursework in advertising, distribution, and permits. 

B - Wine & Society Module

Includes coursework in cooking and pairing of wines, history of wine, and wine classification.  

C - Advanced Wine Law Topics Module

Includes coursework on product liability, brand identity, and trademarks. 

D - Wine Business Fundamentals Module

Includes coursework on starting a wine business, alternative funding models, and wine clubs. 

Required Books

Participants in the Certificate Program are required to purchase two books that will be assigned in some of the topics/Modules. The other readings for each of the topics will be provided as links within the course website.

You should purchase the following books:

  • Wine Folly: Magnum Edition: The Master Guide by Puckette and Hammack (Avery 2018)
  • Wine in America: Law and Policy by Richard Mendelson (one of the Certificate Instructors!) (Wolters Kluwer 2011)