Online Certificate Requirements

For each of the 20 topics (organized into 5 Modules) in the certificate program, you will have background readings to complete, videos to watch, and a final assessment or quiz to submit to test your understanding of the material covered. You will have three semesters to complete the components of all 20 online topics – and the current semester (whatever your date of enrollment) counts toward that three-semester limit. You will have access to all 20 topics immediately after you are officially enrolled, and you may decide to finish all of these online requirements within a single semester. The three-semester limit is intended to allow you to choose between several different options for the on-location required Immersion Event.

We recommend completing the topics in Module A (Industry Overview) and Module B (Wine and Society) first before moving on to the more advanced topics. Module B contains topics that introduce you to the fundamentals of wine and how it is used and enjoyed.

A - Wine Industry Fundamentals Module

  • Wine Labeling with Karsten Lundquist
  • Constitutional Underpinnings of the Wine Industry with Tracy Genesen
  • Production, Wholesale, Retail: Wine Distribution in America with John Trinidad
  • Federal and State Licenses, Permits, and Regulations with Tanner Lenart
  • Drafting and Negotiation of Wine Industry Contracts with Brian Ream
  • Wineries and Water with Professor Rick Eichstaedt
  • Advertising and Trade Practice Concerns with Rachel Ramey

B - Wine & Society Module

C - Advanced Wine Law Topics Module

D - Wine Business Fundamentals Module

  • Starting a Wine Business with Professor Christopher Stevens
  • Securities and Alternative Funding Models with Daniel Wadkins
  • Cost Accounting/Grape Commitments/Barrels with Alison Thurman & Tony Marino
  • Wine Clubs: Promise and Peril with Melanie Baker, Becky McIver & Piper Scalise

Required Books

Participants in the Certificate Program are required to purchase two books that will be assigned in some of the topics/Modules. The other readings for each of the topics will be provided as links within the course website.

You should purchase the following books:

  • Wine Folly: Magnum Edition: The Master Guide by Puckette and Hammack (Avery 2018)
  • Wine in America: Law and Policy by Richard Mendelson (one of the Certificate Instructors!) (Wolters Kluwer 2011)