The Center for Civil and Human Rights builds on the social justice mission of Gonzaga Law School and emphasizes civil and human rights as an integral component of students’ legal education. It awards fellowships to students with a demonstrated interest in civil and human rights to facilitate their experiential learning through agencies dedicated to working on these issues. The Center also sponsors Visiting Assistant Professors and Jurists-in-Residence, who offer courses related to civil and human rights. In addition, the Center works with other departments, both within Gonzaga and beyond, to raise awareness among undergraduate students about the ways in which the law can promote civil and human rights and the public good.

Through the Center, students can pursue a Certificate in Civil and Human Rights through courses, clinic and externship opportunities, and extracurricular activities. The Certificate requires a minimum number of academic units in approved courses, a minimum number of hours in the clinic or in an externship, the completion of a satisfactory writing project, and a minimum number of public service hours. Students who complete this program will receive a certificate and recognition at the Law School graduation.

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