A fellowship can be an opportunity that covers a wide variety of programs. Generally a fellowship is a short to medium term opportunity that lasts from a few months to a few years. Fellowships are sponsored by an association or organization that wishes to expand leadership in a particular field, so fellowships generally focus on the professional development of the fellow.

Equal Justice Works Fellowships

The Equal Justice Works Fellowships Program provides underrepresented populations effective access to the justice system. It does this by creating partnerships among public interest lawyers, nonprofit organizations, law firms, corporate sponsors,and other donors.

Students and alumni interested in applying for Equal Justice Fellowships should visit Equal Justice Works website for more information.

Presidential Management Fellowship

This program for new graduates provides specialized leadership training and an entree to post-JD employment with an array of federal agencies:

  • Applicants are nominated by their law schools, which must submit a formal assurance of the applicant’s character and fitness.
  • Apply later summer/early fall of your 3L year.
  • Apply online and request nomination at the Center for Professional Development (at least 2 weeks prior to deadline).
  • Formal nomination will be made on your behalf upon satisfactory assessment.

Criteria for consideration:

  • GPA – 2.70 minimum,
  • Affirmation by faculty of character and fitness for leadership,
  • Absence of honor code violations,


Government Honors & Internship Fellowship

The government’s Honors & Internship Handbook contains listings of student and post-graduate positions with state and federal agencies. It includes a description of each position and how to apply, as well as a valuable index of opportunities listed by law school year and deadline.

Email the Center for Professional Development for your username and password.

Application Tips for Project-Based Fellowships

A PDF guide that outlines what works and what to avoid in applying for project-based fellowships, compiled by Public Service Law Net.


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