Student Ambassadors

Group photo of law student ambassadors 

As a prospective law student, you likely have a host of questions about the student experience at Gonzaga University School of Law. Our Student Ambassadors are here to answer your questions, and to give you a sense of what you might expect to experience as a student here. They’ll be happy to give you an insider’s view of Gonzaga and the Spokane area. Any time you have a question, they’re as close as an email.

Portrait of student ambassador Annie Bell

Annie Bell


Hometown: Weiser, ID

Undergraduate Education: Gonzaga University

Undergraduate Major: International Studies: Latin America

Areas of Interest: Haven’t decided yet – too many options

Favorite Class: Property, Legal Research & Writing

Favorite Aspect of Gonzaga Law: As someone who dreads all things involved with finding jobs I really appreciate Gonzaga’s Career Center. They run all kinds of programs to teach you how to be a better applicant and tell you about as many opportunities as possible.

Why did you choose Gonzaga Law: Gonzaga as a whole has a great alumni community and having experienced that as an undergrad I knew it would extend to the law school as well. You can find Gonzaga grads all over the world doing amazing things and Gonzaga grads love to help fellow alumni.

Law School Activities: Animal Defense Club

Favorite thing to do in Spokane: My favorite thing to do on the weekend is go to the movies and I will watch pretty much anything except horror movies. Otherwise, I love spending time with my extended family on the South Hill; it is my favorite Spokane neighborhood because it has a little bit of everything.

What is one thing you wish you knew about law school or the admissions process ahead of time: Trust yourself and your skills always. During a stressful time one of my professors said that, we should never doubt that we have the skills to be successful in law school. We were all fully vetted by the admissions team and people who have been through this experience believed that we could also be successful.

TJ Burford 

TJ Burford     


Hometown: Kirkland, WA

Undergraduate Education: Central Washington University

Undergraduate Major: Law & Justice and Sociology

Areas of Interest: Compliance and H.R.

Favorite Class: Alternative Dispute Resolution

Favorite Aspect of Gonzaga Law: My favorite aspect of Gonzaga Law is the fact that all the faculty and staff have an open-door policy, for both help with school and for life after school.

Why did you choose Gonzaga Law: I chose Gonzaga because of the welcoming atmosphere from both the student body and faculty. Whenever I talked to someone from Gonzaga during the admissions process, I got the feeling that they genuinely cared about me and my journey to Gonzaga. The class sizes fit the type of student I am, as I was not hesitant to ask questions in class, something I did not really do in Undergrad. In addition, Spokane is a perfect size town to go to law school at; it has all the amenities of downtown with the outdoor activities very close to campus.

Legal Jobs/Internships: Summer Extern for the General & Indian Law Clinic; NCAA Compliance Intern at Eastern Washington University.

Law School Activities: Class Representative for Gonzaga Sports and Entertainment Law Club; Gonzaga Club Soccer

Favorite thing to do in Spokane: Go to Spokane Indians and Spokane Chiefs games, as well as trying all the different food in Spokane. I also like to take my dog on different hikes and walks around Spokane.

Photo of Gonzaga Law student Katie Carnell  

Katie Carnell


Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Undergraduate Education: Central Washington University

Undergraduate Major: Law and Justice

Areas of Interest: Criminal Defense, Municipal Law, Administrative Law

Favorite Class: Criminal Law

Favorite Aspect of Gonzaga Law: My favorite aspect of Gonzaga Law is not only relationships I’ve built with other students, but having professors who are actively involved in helping us succeed during our time here in law school.

Why did you choose Gonzaga Law: I have always liked Spokane, and I chose Gonzaga for its smaller class sizes and different programs it runs to help us succeed, as well as its focus on serving the greater Spokane community!  

Legal Jobs/Internships: N/A

Law School Activities: Intramurals, Member of Criminal Law Society, Member of Women’s Law Caucus

Favorite thing to do in Spokane: Trivia with my friends, going to thrift stores!

What is one thing you wish you knew about law school or the admissions process ahead of time: That it’s okay to not get involved in a ton of different things immediately starting your 1L year. There are so many new things happening and a lot going on around the law building and main campus that it can be overwhelming. However, just know that there is plenty of time and opportunities to get involved in the law community and around Spokane!

Portrait of student ambassador Allison Drescher 

Allison Drescher


Hometown: Orondo, WA

Undergraduate Education: Gonzaga University

Undergraduate Major: History, Political Science

Areas of Interest: Family Law, Criminal Law, Litigation

Favorite Class: Legal Research & Writing, Torts

Favorite Aspect of Gonzaga Law: The numerous, diverse student organizations and resources which strengthen professional development as well as foster a sense of community among students and with professors. Access to student tickets for Zag Basketball is quite the perk too!

Why did you choose Gonzaga Law: In addition to its commitment to the Jesuit ideals of educating the mind, body and spirit, being part of the Gonzaga community opens many doors near and far. As a Zag, you are included in a strong network comprised of individuals associated with excellence.

Legal Jobs/Internships: Spokane County Prosecutor’s Office, Witherspoon Brajcich McPhee, PLLC, WSBA Moderate Means Program

Law School Activities: Student Bar Association 1L Representative, Women’s Law Caucus, Criminal Records Clinic, Street Law.

Favorite thing to do in Spokane: Trivia Nights, Hiking, Floating the river, Gonzaga Basketball

What is one thing you wish you knew about law school or the admissions process ahead of time: There will inevitably be days where reading seems endless, words look like a foreign language, or your to-do list hits the floor. More likely than not, another law student feels the same. Having a reliable support system is crucial and often, those people are fellow law students because they understand better than anyone what you are going through. Also, 3Ls and 2Ls, including your tutors, are some of your best resources! They may be willing to give you the inside scoop on specific professors or what to expect on exams. Finally, while some professors may be more intimidating than others may, never hesitate to take advantage of the open door policy and meet with them. In addition to offering assistance with course material, they have their own connections, which may benefit you in the future. 

Portrait of student ambassador Angela O'Meara 

Angela O’Meara


Hometown: Charles Town, West Virginia

Undergraduate Education: West Virginia Wesleyan College

Undergraduate Major: Leadership and Human Rights Studies

Areas of Interest: Public Interest, Juvenile Law

Favorite Class: LRW with Professor Bradley; Family Law with Professor Pearson 

Favorite Aspect of Gonzaga Law: Community-minded; public service opportunities; genuine relationships and support from students, faculty, and staff

Why did you choose Gonzaga Law: Thomas More scholarship program; commitment to social justice.

Legal Jobs/Internships: Team Child; Kapri Law research assistant

Law School Activities: Thomas More; Criminal Records Clinic; Moderate Means Program

Favorite thing to do in Spokane: Shows and concerts downtown; exploring outdoors; local restaurants

What is one thing you wish you knew about law school or the admissions process ahead of time: I wish I knew just how taxing law school is on your mind and your body. It is important to intentionally set aside time in your schedule for family, mental breaks, exercise, and general relaxation. It is so important to have a life outside of the law school as well.

Daniel Hershkowitz


Hometown: Incline Village, NV

Undergraduate Education: Sierra Nevada College

Undergraduate Major: Entrepreneurship and Ski Business Resort Management

Areas of Interest: I am interested in Sports and Entertainment law and Cannabis Law

Favorite Class: Intellectual Property

Favorite Aspect of Gonzaga Law: extent and closeness of the Gonzaga community

Why did you choose Gonzaga Law: I choose GU Law because of: 1) I didn’t know a soul in Spokane or Washington, and didn’t want too many distractions; 2) the Basketball team; and 3) The admitted students open house experience.

Legal Jobs/Internships: University of Nevada Compliance Department and CHAS Health legal intern

Law School Activities: Sports and Entertainment Law Association Secretary; Cannabis Law Club Vice President; 2L Class rep. SBA

Favorite thing to do in Spokane: Ski, play and go watch basketball.

What is one thing you wish you knew about law school or the admissions process ahead of time: Being a fast typer really does help; GO SEE YOUR TEACHERS OFTEN.