GU Religious Studies & Law 3+3 Agreement

This joint program allows students entering Gonzaga University to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies and a law degree in an efficient and timely manner, and engage in furthering justice and the common good in our complex and diverse world.


A B.A./J.D. dual degree program between the Gonzaga University Religious Studies Department and Gonzaga University School of Law, consisting of three years in the undergraduate program and three years in the Law School. This results in a bachelor’s degree with a major in Religious Studies and a J.D. from the Gonzaga University School of Law in six years rather than seven . Further, Gonzaga School of Law has an accelerated J.D. program, which allows students to complete their degree in 24 months rather than three years. With appropriate planning a student could get the B.A. and the J.D. in five years rather than seven.

Eligible Students

1. Highly motivated, talented, and qualified students

2. Students who meet the admissions requirements for both the undergraduate and Law programs (with separate applications).

a. Any student accepted to Gonzaga University is eligible to apply for the Religious Studies/Law 3 + 3 program. Application will normally be before or during a student’s first year.
b. Acceptance as a freshman into the 3+3 program does not guarantee admittance into the School of Law. Students must meet the criteria for admission to the Law School during the undergraduate program.

Requirements of the Program

For the Bachelor of Arts:

  • 96 undergraduate credits, including core requirements and the requirements for the Religious Studies major.
  • Matriculation in the Gonzaga School of Law and successful completion of the first year Law curriculum.

For the Gonzaga School of Law J.D.:

  • Successful completion of the traditional 3-year Law School curriculum or the accelerated 2-year curriculum.

Gonzaga Law School Admittance 

Gonzaga reserves the right to refuse admission to any otherwise qualified applicant who it deems is not of good character and/or has been charged with, arrested for, or convicted of the violation of any law, other than minor traffic violations, dismissed, expelled, suspended, or disciplined by Gonzaga or elsewhere for academic or any other reason.

1. 3 + 3 students should apply for early admission to the Law School in their junior year.

2. Requirements to ensure guaranteed admittance:

a) Successful completion of 96 credits from Gonzaga University by the end of their junior year (six semesters).

b) LSAT:
i. 3 + 3 students must take the LSAT no later than the December of their junior year.
ii. The score must exceed or be equal to the median LSAT score of the preceding year’s entering law class at Gonzaga.
iii. Failure to achieve this score does not equal denial, but simply does not guarantee admission

c) Undergraduate Grade Point Average:
i. After their fifth semester at Gonzaga, 3 + 3 students must maintain a UGPA equaling or exceeding the median UGPA of the preceding year’s entering law class at Gonzaga.
ii. Failure to achieve this UGPA does not equal denial, but simply does not guarantee admission

d) Successful completion of Gonzaga Law School’s application process:
i. Character and fitness
ii. Personal statement
iii. LSAC application
iv. Letters of Recommendation


During their first three years at Gonzaga, students will pay tuition and fees to Gonzaga University at their undergraduate rate. Undergraduate financial aid (grants and scholarships) will end after the conclusion of the third year and the student would be awarded law school scholarships and federal aid at the graduate level for the last three years.

During the completion of their law degree at Gonzaga (either in the traditional three year program or the accelerated program) students will pay tuition and fees to Gonzaga Law School at Gonzaga’s Law School rate. These students would be eligible as any other applicant for financial aid. 

Note that all undergraduate students are automatically charged for and given Rudolph Fitness Center access, but it is optional for Law students. If you wish to have access to the Rudolph Fitness Center during Law School please contact Student Financial Services.