Founded in 1966, the Gonzaga Law Review encourages development of the law through scholarly criticism and analysis. The Review publishes articles on the most current legal issues, providing a dependable research tool for practitioners and academics.

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Volume 57, Issue 3 Articles:

  • Ariana R. Levinson et al., Challenging Jurors’ Racism, 57 GONZ. L. REV. 365 (2022).
  • Ana M. Otero, A Murder of Crows: The Politics of Death in Texas—The Bobby James Moore Story, 57 GONZ. L. REV. 425 (2022).
  • Wm. Alan Bartley & Geoffrey Fain Williams, What Is an Assault Weapon? Definitions, Attributes, and Implications Regarding Legislation, 57 GONZ. L. REV. 515 (2022).
  • Caitlin Ring Carlson et al., Access Denied: How Online Harassment Limits Enjoyment of Offline Public Accommodations, 57 GONZ. L. REV. 551 (2022).
  • Chloe Grundmeier, Note, Hanford Presumption Under Attack: United States Attempts to Block Washington Workers’ Compensation Law Protecting Nuclear Site Cleanup Workers, 57 GONZ. L. REV. 589 (2022).
  • Emily A. Kingsley, Comment, We’re Halfway There: Lozoya and Determining Proper Venue for Crimes Committed In-Flight, 57 GONZ. L. REV. 589 (2022).
  • Task Force 2.0 Juvenile Justice Subcommittee, Race in Washington’s Juvenile Legal System: 2021 Report to The Washington Supreme Court, 57 GONZ. L. REV. 636 (2022).

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