Application Information

There are multiple ways to obtain an externship. First, the Externship Office can help you find and obtain a qualified placement. Second, you can communicate with the Externship Office for preliminary approval and apply directly to your choice of placement. Finally, you may be able to turn an unpaid internship into a qualifying placement with the help of the Externship Office.

No matter which type of externship placement you choose, you must apply and be admitted to the Externship Program each semester.

Things to keep in mind

  • The Externship Director must approve each application for each semester.
  • Space is limited, so submit your application early.
  • You are not obligated to enroll in an externship just by applying. If you are even considering doing an externship, you should apply by the appropriate application deadline, as late applications will not be considered, unless the Director approves your application. If your plans change, we can always withdrawal your application.
  • You do not need to have a placement secured in order to apply for an externship. If you are waiting to hear back about an interview or potential placement, you should still apply for an externship by the deadline, and confirmation of the placement may be received later.
  • The Externship Program and the Clinic are two separate programs. If you want to apply to the Clinic click here for information on their application process.

The Externship Application Process

Complete and sign an Externship Application, which is available from the Download Center or from the Program Coordinator in the Faculty Suite.

Externship students are required to be signed up for Direct Deposit. Direct Deposit signups are available through Zagweb. For more information on Direct Deposit, contact the Financial Aid Office.