Juris Doctor - Master of Accounting

The combined Juris Doctor / MAcc program is offered in association with Gonzaga University School of Business . These dual degree programs are designed to meet a two-fold need. On the one hand, there is need for lawyers who are trained in business and in accounting. A legal education may sufficiently equip a person for general law practice or even for certain legal specializations, but the role of the lawyer in relation to business and other institutional needs demands preparation beyond the scope of a legal education. On the other hand, a successful accountant or business executive, skilled in financial and practical decision-making processes, will benefit from a thorough knowledge of the law.

The JD/MAcc Program offers two options for specializations: Taxation or Financial Accounting & Reporting / Audit.

Admission to the JD/MAcc Program

You must apply to the law school and the Masters program separately; admission into one does not automatically grant admission into the other. Once admitted to both programs, you must contact the Gonzaga Law Registrar and Gonzaga Graduate School of Business Assistant Director for Admissions before you are considered a dual-degree student.

What to Expect

Normally, the student will complete one year of Law School before beginning MAcc classes. Graduation requires a total of 111 credits: the JD is a 90-credit degree; the MAcc program is a 31-credit degree. Dual-degree students may waive a combination of 9 credits from the two programs (for a total of 111 credits), but may not waive more than 6 credits from either program.

Basics of the JD / MAcc Program

Applying to the Program

Before being considered for admission to the JD/MAcc program, candidates must apply and be admitted to both Gonzaga School of Law and the Gonzaga Graduate School of Business. Candidates must meet all of the admissions criteria for each school individually and apply via each school’s normal admissions process.

It is possible that a candidate for the dual-degree program will be admitted to either the Law School or the Graduate School of Business, but not both.

Candidates for admission to the dual-degree program must indicate on their applications to the respective schools that they are applying for admission to the dual-degree program.

Application Deadlines

Candidates for the JD/MAcc Dual Degree must comply with the admissions deadlines of the respective schools. Candidates who have been admitted to both Gonzaga School of Law and the Graduate School of Business must inform both schools of their intention to be a dual-degree candidate.

Who to Contact

For information about admission to the dual-degree program, candidates should simultaneously contact the admissions offices of both Gonzaga Law School and Graduate School of Business and go through the standard admissions process for each school. At Gonzaga Law School, candidates should also contact the Registrar. At Gonzaga Graduate School of Business, contact your admissions representative.


Students will pay tuition at the normal rate charged by Gonzaga Law School for law school classes, and at the normal rate charged by Graduate School of Business. To ensure that your student accounts are charged correctly, you must contact both the Gonzaga Law financial aid department and Student Accounts on main campus.

Dual-School Attendance Schedules

Sample schedule for full-time joint-degree students: (MBA/JD: 86, JD/28 MBA)

Term 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year
 Fall Law credits 15 Law - 13 GSB* - 2 Law - 15
Spring Law credits 15 Law -  13 GSB - 2 Law - 15
Summer 1 GSB - 6 GSB - 6 Study for Bar
Sumer 2 GSB - 6 GSB - 6 Study for Bar
 *Graduate School of Business credits  

In Fall and Spring semesters, law school begins a week before business school. Both schools have 15-week semesters, but the law school has two weeks of finals, whereas the business school has just one week of finals. Finals for both schools end at the same time.

Job Placement Assistance

Students and alumni of the dual-degree program will have the same career services resources available to them that are available to students and alumni of the Law School and the Graduate School of Business