Sports & Entertainment Law Club

Mission Statement

The purpose of GESLA is to promote opportunity and leadership for students interested in sport law and/or entertainment law.  GESLA seeks to encourage not only students, but also the public, to engage in constructive dialogue regarding issues in these fields to further develop curiosities and knowledge.  GESLA will also work to use these discussions and ideas and extend opportunities to professionals within these realms of law to offer their own expertise and opinions.  Finally, GESLA will attempt to connect interested members to any sport and entertainment law professionals to help them achieve their career goals.  GESLA will function as a student organization at the Gonzaga University School of Law.

Annual Activities

Information coming soon!

Membership Fees


Board Members

President: Maddie Martinez

Vice President: Jaime Stackpole

Secretary: Will Emmal

Treasurer: Spencer Calveard

Event Coordinator: Austin Bevenue