Multicultural Law Caucus

The Multicultural Law Caucus (MLC) is a non-profit, student-run organization focused on community building. The primary purpose of MLC is to promote diversity and inclusion withing Gonzaga University School of Law's community of students, faculty, and staff members. To foster this goal, MLC aims to facilitate educational forums and community wide events focused on issues minority legal professionals face. These include, but are not  limited to, issues concerning diversity, race, socioeconomic status, and national origins. The aim is to create a nurturing community for minority law students, while also preparing them as future legal professionals in a myriad of fields. This organization welcomes all students to participate in its school and community activities. 

Membership Fees

Membership is limited to students attending Gonzaga University School of Law; faculty and staff are eligible to join. 

There are no membership fees. 

Board Members

President: Gurpreet Dhatt

Vice President: Francis dela Cruz

Treasurer:Sara Fukuhara

Secretary:Stephanie Vick

Community Liaisosns: Mary Calderon and Christine Meegan