Gonzaga Hispanic Law Caucus

Mission Statement

To promote diversity and diversity awareness throughout the law school and the community of Spokane. The purpose of this club is to create and sustain a welcoming environment for diverse students, provide a forum for law students to express concerns and create meaningful change, develop future leadership and maximize opportunities for our members, and educate youth about the law to encourage them to pursue higher education.

Annual Activities

Main Event: Alcanzar Justice

Alcanzar means “to achieve.” Alcanzar Justice is a program that brings high school students to Gonzaga Law School for a day filled with activities to encourage students to seek a legal education. The program is particularly aimed at minority students who would be the first in their families to attend college, but welcomes students of all races and backgrounds. While the program is centered on legal education and careers in the legal field, the broader goal of Alcanzar Justice is to empower students to achieve their educational goals.

Membership Fees

There are no membership fees.

Board Members