Environmental Law Caucus

Mission Statement

The Environmental Law Caucus fosters a greater awareness of the environment and its conservation through events designed to enhance our community. Through social and educational functions, students will learn more about the Pacific Northwest and may even identify a new area of interest within the law as well.

Annual Activities

The Environmental Law Caucus (ELC) is an organization whose main goal is to inform the public about events that affect our environment and what we can do as lawyers to protect it.

To accomplish this goal, the ELC presents speakers throughout the year who address various environmental topics from hazardous waste to logging practices in our national forests.

The ELC also participates in a variety of environmentally related activities throughout the school year.

Recent activities include:

  • Debates concerning environmental and land use law compliance.
  • Participation in the annual Spokane River Cleanup Earth Day Celebration.
  • Hiking/biking trips.
  • Academic debates concerning the local environment.
  • Environmental policy forums (these forums provide law students with an opportunity to speak publicly and voice their opinions concerning proposed regulations and changes to existing law on the local environment).
  • Initiative campaigns such as “better recycling at school” and “conservationism”.


Whether you are a new or existing student, the Environmental Law Caucus invites you to become a part of our club and help promote community, friendship, and an appreciation of the environment. All students are welcome to join.

There are no membership fees.