Animal Legal Defense Club

Gonzaga Law Student Chapter

As the Gonzaga Student Chapter of the Animal Legal Defense Fund, a national organization whose primary goal is to establish and strengthen legal rights for non-human animals, we model ourselves after their mission.


  • Our focus is to educate the Gonzaga community about animal-cruelty laws and their enforcement.
  • We offer education on ways in which the community of Gonzaga can encourage and foster healthy homes and environments for animals.
  • GSALDF is NOT a radical organization.
  • We support and encourage law students’ involvement in the courts and legislature to monitor and participate in lobbying for more stringent animal abuse laws.
  • We welcome all viewpoints regarding animal welfare and encourage all to enroll as members.

Annual Activities

Annual events include: participation in the Club Fair, and pet food and supplies drive benefiting local shelters in need. We also host speakers on animal law issues. SALDF adds additional events every year.

Each year, Gonzaga Student Animal Legal Defense Fund donates all money raised throughout the year to various animal organizations including Partners-for Pets and Pet Savers.

Membership Fees

There are no membership fees.

Board Members


Animal Legal Defense Fund