Alliance for Social Justice

 Mission Statement

The Gonzaga Alliance for Social Justice works to ensure that every Gonzaga Law student is familiar with, appreciates, and has an opportunity to participate in the work that is being done on behalf of low-income and underrepresented clients by students, faculty, and community legal providers.

The Alliance for Social Justice strives to connect public interest-oriented students with each other and with the legal aid and legal services community, encouraging innovative and sustainable relationships between them. The Alliance for Social Justice also works to ensure that every student understands the importance of public interest law, so that they might continue Gonzaga’s Jesuit mission for social justice throughout their legal career.

General membership shall consist of the Alliance Councilors and Alliance Student Groups and Academic Programs. Alliance Councilors act as the official members of this SBA executive committee, with all the rights and responsibilities outlined in the SBA bylaws and the bylaws of this committee. Alliance Student Groups and Academic Programs consists of student organizations and academic programs that choose to identify as “Alliance Members” and therefore commit to the overall purpose and mission of the Alliance for Social Justice.

Annual Activities/Events

  • Maintains a blog containing school-wide public interest activities
  • Provides information on public interest fellowships and employers
  • Hosts public interest service providers panels and events
  • Publishes bi-annual GU public interest newsletter
  • Participates in the Access to Justice Law School Relations Committee


There are no fees associated with being a member of this organization.

Alliance Council

Co-Chair: TBD