Founded in 1966, the Gonzaga Law Review encourages development of the law through scholarly criticism and analysis. The Review publishes articles on the most current legal issues, providing a dependable research tool for practitioners and academics.

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Volume 58, Issue 3 Articles:

  • Carrie Leonetti, The Myth of the Appropriate Response to Trauma: "Abnormal Reactions" as Evidence of Guilt, 58 GONZ. L. REV. 379 (2023).
  • Trevor Cook, "Pleas" Don't Hang Up: The Viability of Telephone Consumer Protection Act Claims Based on Calls by Automatic Telephone Dialing Systems After Facebook v. Duguid, 58 GONZ. L. REV. 411 (2023).
  • Carly Johnson, Demanding (In)Authenticity: The State's Ironic Search for a Valid Sex Identity, 58 GONZ. L. REV. 449 (2023).
  • Jacob Montgomery, Protecting Reasonable Expectations of Privacy in an Age of Drones: A Framework for Balancing Privacy Interests with the Utility of Drones in Law Enforcement, 58 GONZ. L. REV. 485 (2023). 
  • Echo D. Fatsis, All Abort! How Health Care-Providing Vessels Can Offer Abortion Services Prohibited Under State Law to Individuals Living in Coastal Southern States, 58 GONZ. L. REV. 519 (2023).
  • Zachary J. Murnion, The REINS Act, Disruptive Partisan Tactic, or Vehicle for Effective Legislation?, 58 GONZ. L. REV. 557 (2023).
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Volume 58, Issue 2 Articles:

  • Lynda Wray Black, Speciality: How Pets Unleashed a New Classification of Property, 58 GON. L. REV. 165 (2023).
  • William Reingold, Jr., Summary Judgment and Its Niche Role in Washington Family Law, 58 GONZ. L. REV. 209 (2023).
  • Travis Elway Timm, Modernizing the Columbia River Treaty: Two Proposals to Elevate the Ecosystem and to Include Tribes, 58 GONZ. L. REV. 263 (2023).
  • Spencer Jacobs, Note, Cash, Chaos, and Collectives: How the NCAA's Punt on Student-Athlete Name, Image, and Likeness Governance Created a Wild West and How Federal Legislation Can Bring Order, 58 GONZ. L. REV. 297 (2023).
  • Jessica D. Herzer, Note, The Deadly Politicization of Public Health: Trump, COVID-19, and Crimes Against Humanity, 58 GONZ. L. REV. 337 (2023).

Volume 58, Issue 1 Articles:

  • Alexander Kristofcak, An Optimal Enforcement Framework for Statutory Standing, 58 GONZ. L. REV. 1 (2023).
  • Nicholas LeFevre, The "Burlap" Blindfold: Increasing Transparency in State Judicial Elections through Updated Candidate Solicitation Laws, 58 GONZ. L. REV. 51 (2023).
  • David N. Wecht, Marjoritatianism Run Riot: Christian Supremacism and the Religion Clause, 58 GONZ. L. REV. 93 (2023). 
  • Jared de Guzman, Note, Saving Face: Lessons from the DMCA for Combating Deepfake Pornography, 58 GONZ. L. REV. 109 (2023).
  • Delaina J. Bolich, Note, Ethan, Hailey, and Bentley's Law: Why Tennessee's Innovative Statute Falls Short, 58 GONZ. L. REV. 139 (2023).

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