Lloyd Meeds Memorial Law Scholarship

Many of Gonzaga’s alumni have gone on to greatness, but few have taken the path that Lloyd Meeds did. Meeds was truly a giant in the world of law and politics. Lloyd was born in Dillon, MT in 1927. His family relocated to Western Washington in 1944. Meeds graduated from Monroe Union High School in 1946 and went on to attend Everett Junior College. After college Lloyd worked at a gasoline station in the Monroe area that he was part-owner in. In 1954 he decided he needed to further his education and went to law school at Gonzaga. He graduated second in his class in 1958.

Following graduation from law school, Lloyd went on to serve in both the public and private sectors in Snohomish County for many years, including prosecuting attorney from 1962-1964. In 1964 he was elected to the United States House of Representatives. He served seven terms (1965-1979). While in Congress, Lloyd was chairman of the Interior Subcommittee on Water & Power Resources, served on the House Rules Committee, Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs and Committee on Education.

Meeds was known for implementing many of President Lynden Johnson’s Great Society programs as well as working with issues affecting Native Americans. Lloyd was also instrumental in sponsoring legislation to create programs such as Head Start, the Youth Conservation Corps and school nutrition awareness programs. He was instrumental in creating both the Alpine Lakes Wilderness area and North Cascades National Park. In addition to all his work on the mainland, Lloyd also enjoyed a connection with the state of Alaska. He worked on many issues, including legislation to create the trans-Alaska oil pipeline and Alaska Claims Settlement Act.

After leaving public office in 1979, Lloyd joined the D.C. office of Preston Gates Ellis & Rouvelas Meeds (now known as K&L Gates) and became known as one of the capital’s most influential lobbyists over the next 20 years. Lloyd concluded his distinguished career by serving as a consultant for many issues including legislative advocacy, education and natural resources. Lloyd was a tireless advocate for professional ethics and public service. Lloyd is survived by his wife, Mary, their three children and many grandchildren. In 1999, Lloyd was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Laws degree from Gonzaga University.

The Meeds Scholarship is intended for law students who are actively involved in public service. If you have an interest in donating to the Meeds scholarship, contact the Alumni Department.

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