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Where to Give

Where to Give

The Annual Fund

Action for Diversity Scholarship

Barbara Helen Perrey Memorial Scholarship

Bronze Tiles

Carl Maxey Memorial Scholarship

Carrie Welch Law Scholarship

Chester Chastek Endowed Scholarship

Drew Corley Pierson Memorial Scholarship

Fredrick N. & Barbara T. Curley Chair for Commercial Law

J. Donald & Va Lena Scarpelli Curran Chair of Legal Ethics & Professionalism

Janice bennett-Geier Scholarship

John & Mary Jo Costello Law Scholarship

John R. Clark Loan Repayment Assistance Program

Joseph & Muriel Murphy Scholarship

Judge Bert Horrigan Memorial Law Scholarship

Judge Marcus Kelly Memorial Scholarship

Judge Williard Roe Memorial Scholarship

Kennth Butler Memorial

Kermit & Fran Rudolf Law Scholarship

Lewis H. Orland Law Scholarship

Lloyd Meeds Memorial Law Scholarship

Nora Garvin Kommers Scholarship

Nuxoll Family Memorial Scholarship

Paul & Lita Luvera Law Scholarship

Philip & Mary Raekes Law Scholarship

Sylvia Thomas Law Clinic Scholarship

Workland-Gose Scholarship