Room Reservations

The facilities of Gonzaga University School of Law are made available for the use of students, faculty, staff, the Gonzaga community, and community members for events.

Prioritization of Events:

  1. The Law School educational program
  2. Law School departmental meetings and events
  3. Law School recognized student group meetings and events
  4. Official Gonzaga University sponsored events
  5. Federal, State, and County Bar Association sponsored events, including CLE events.
  6. National standardized tests, such as LSAT, ACT, and MPRE.
  7. Any other use of the Law School will be strictly regulated applying the following criteria: The educational content and value of the proposed meeting or event and the amount of co-sponsorship by Gonzaga faculty and Gonzaga campus organizations.

Gonzaga Law School shall not be used as the site of private events such as weddings, anniversaries, private parties, political rallies, or fund-raising events (other than fund- raising for Gonzaga Law School and Gonzaga University, its subdivisions and approved organizations within Gonzaga Law School and Gonzaga University).

Building Use Policy

A full copy of the Gonzaga University School of Law Building Use Policy is available. Other policies, such as the Speaker Policy and Alcohol Policy, are available upon request.

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