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“Students will be looking at transportation system design, water management, water and wastewater treatment, food production, and coastal protection infrastructure” - Rhonda Young, Civil Engineering Chair and Professor


Delft City Hall

Students Study Sustainable Infrastructure

Civil Engineering Chair and Professor Rhonda Young is taking 18 civil engineering and engineering management majors to the Netherlands to study sustainable urban infrastructure.

Gonzaga in Delft Holland

Gonzaga In Delft Prepares for Inaugural Trip

Students are exploring real sustainability practices in and around Delft and compare them to Spokane sustainability efforts.

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Student Projects

The Gonzaga in Delft students were tasked by the City of Spokane’s Sustainability Action Committee to report on strategies they found in the Netherlands that could be used by the City to meet the goals of the Sustainability Action Plan (SAP) that was adopted in 2021. The presentation and reports on this page were prepared by the students for the City of Spokane. The various strategies reported on are organized by the main areas of action in the plan: Buildings and Energy, Transportation, Waste Diversion and Material Conservation, and Water Resources. Watch the 2022 presentation below.

Rotterdam cube homes

Buildings & Energy Strategies


Waste Diversion & Material Conservation


Water Resources