Student-Proposed Projects

2020-21 Projects

For more information on any project, please contact Toni Boggan or email the project's Faculty Advisor.

CPSC 09 Facial Recognition Security Lock

Faculty Advisor: Scott Broder email
Continued development of ComSem, a web-based application for English language learners to receive feedback on their oral language production.

CPSC 10 X-Right

Faculty Advisor: Scott Broder email
Develop an Android application that checks a user’s yoga form using live feed video and suggests areas for improvement while the user is executing a yoga pose.

CPSC 12 University Fitness Platform

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Gina Sprint email
We are seeking to create a streamlined, feature-filled platform for student, faculty, and administrative interaction with fitness recreational activities. We will be implementing this platform through web and mobile interfaces.

ENSC 42 Gyroscopic Microphone

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Claudio Talarico email
We would like to prove that spinning a circular array of microphones up to tangential speed with the wind is a viable solution to the problems of recording with microphones in high wind.

ENSC 43 MySleeve

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Yanqing Ji email
MySleeve is a basketball shooting sleeve with motion sensors attached that will provide feedback in a connected application. The application will use machine learning to analyze the data and provide feedback to improve shooting form.

ENSC 50 A Better Fin

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Marc Baumgardner email
We are looking at varying the shape of cooling fins in order to find if we can make them more efficient, cost effective, or both.

ENSC 51 Automatic Pill Dispensing Wheel

Faculty Advisor: Debra Offill email
This product will automatically dispense medication on a pre-set schedule with programmable alerts and locking mechanisms. The intended use is for individuals with Alzheimer's or other cognitive impairments to increase autonomy and overall safety.

ENSC 56 Compact Intravenous Warmer

Faculty Advisor: Gabe Achenbach email
The goal of this project is to have a production-quality product of a warmer that will either attach to the fluid bag or the intravenous tube, since cold intravenous fluid causes discomfort and existing solutions do not meet all of the requirements that this project intends to meet.

ENSC 59 Continuous Composite 3D Printer

Faculty Advisor: Rudy Lauth email
Our project goal is to create a Continuous Fiber Composite 3D printer on a small, personal scale. We plan on achieving this by CADing, prototyping, programming and testing our model until it reaches our quality standards.

ENSC 62 Electric Boat Motor Conversion

Faculty Advisor: Jeffrey Nolting email
A kit that allows for the easy conversion of a traditional outboard motor to be powered by an electric motor. To provide a cleaner and more affordable option to the average boater.

ENSC 63 Eyeris Light Controller

Faculty Advisor: Dan Harmon email
To design a controller that will interface current lighting technology (light sensors, dimming bulbs, etc.) to allow a consistent and desirable level of light to be maintained throughout a set period of time.

ENSC 64 Hythane Pipeline Materials

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Pat Ferro email
Our overarching goal is to research the hybrid implementation of hydrogen and natural gas (Hythane) and its effects on pipeline materials. We are looking to deliver research with visuals to show the varying levels of hydrogen and its effects on different alloys. Additionally, we are going to provide as a deliverable an economic analysis model of the costs of the newly selected pipeline material in comparison to the cost of current natural gas pipeline materials.

ENSC 67 Microgravity Rocket Lab

Faculty Advisor: Jim Weston email
Our project will focus on the design and creation a rocket capable of performing a micro gravity maneuver for 3 to 5 seconds. With a compartment to run experiments onboard, we will vastly increase accessibility to those wishing to perform small scale micro gravity experiments.

ENSC 69 Nonplanar 3D Printer

Faculty Advisor: Jacob Laete email
This project aims to develop a prototype non-planar 3D printer using unique methods to improve existing 3D printer technology in terms of strength, speed, and quality.

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