Projects Involving Engineering Management

2019-20 Projects

For more information on any project, please contact Toni Boggan or email the project's Faculty Advisor.

ENSC 21 Active Transportation - NE Spokane


Team: Ryan Ward, Stephen Fellin, Kyle Winfield, Olivia Ramirez
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Rhonda Young email
Sponsor & Liason: City of Spokane, Colin Quinn-Hurst

Residents identified needs with the active transportation (walking and bicycling) assets in the area. This project will look at active transportation in the neighborhood, using data driven methods to identify a prioritized list of potential design interventions for Northeast Spokane.

ENSC 26 Traffic Calming Project


Team: William Sherpa, Mitchel Stephan, Sterling Wagner, Dashiell Cotton
Faculty Advisor: Adam Miles email
Sponsor & Liason: City of Spokane, Adam Miles

Engage Spokane neighborhood residents in a collaborative process that identifies, assesses, and prioritizes all of their neighborhood traffic calming needs using standard Traffic Engineering data sources, methodolgies, and practices.

ENSC 40 Ag Robotic Implement


Team: Charles DeBiase, Joseph Heston, Madeline Robinson, Bassel Mufarreh, Megan Nakamura
Faculty Advisor: Christopher Wood email
Sponsor & Liason: DryLand Farms, Christopher Wood

Robotic Ag Sprayer Integration to liquid restocking Unit demonstration.

ENSC 41 Prototype Web-Enable Smartlock


Team: Jack Breese, Payton Lieske, Nicholas Walker
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Art Miller email
Sponsor & Liason: NIOSH, Art Miller

NIOSH researchers are trying to develop new technologies to keep miners healthy and safe. The mining industry could benefit from new ways to conduct and monitor LOTO on machinery such as belt conveyor systems. A new technology such as the SmartLock would enable workers to perform LOTO seamlessly, archive all steps in the process, and provided real time data regarding the steps in the process, with the aim of improving LOTO and thus worker safety. We need a team of students to assist in developing and testing components of such a SmartLock, with the goal of building a prototype that can be tested at the NIOSH research lab.

ENSC 47 Therapeutic Spirometer & Throm.


Team: Colin Noonan, Claire Puryear, Jessica Mangrobang, Alexander Banning, Nicole Creamer
Faculty Advisor: Shane Pacini email
Sponsor & Liason: Lung Technologies LLC, Kerry Curran

Design, develop and prototype the Next-Generation Electronic Therapeutic Incentive Spirometer and Electronic DVT Exerciser. Develop a single smartphone application for both devices for close patient monitoring. This will revolutionize post-surgical care for major orthopedic, abdominal, thoracic and pelvic surgeries.

ENSC 53 Assembly Cell Design


Team: Spencer Broden, Blaz Perko, Grant Rosenbaum
Faculty Advisor: Ryan Leahy email
Sponsor & Liason: Haakon, Ryan Leahy

Design an assembly cell layout that allows employees to easily build components for final assembly that improves on the current manufacturing processes.

ENSC 55 Black Body Flow Analysis


Team: John Roberts, Benjamin Stockelman, Braden Williams
Faculty Advisor: Sam Shoemaker email
Sponsor & Liason: Keytronic EMS, Chad Orebaugh

Temperature and flow improvements withing a confined volume containing several black body elements.

ENSC 64 Repurposing Carbon Fiber Layup


Team: Kelsie Eagon, Daniel Erigero, Kovey Palmaer
Faculty Advisor: Gerry Snow email
Sponsor & Liason: Boeing, Nicholas Questad, Jeffrey Barnhart, Sarah Abercrombie

Design and fabrication of a tool capable of non-automated layup of pre-preg composite with similar properties to an Automated Tape Layup Machine.

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