Projects Involving Electrical and Computer Engineering

For more information on any project, please contact Toni Boggan or email the project's Faculty Advisor.

ENSC14 Polarized Helical Antenna

Team: Aaron Day, Anthony Weinand
Faculty Advisor: Bob Conley email
Sponsor: LHC2; Sponsor Liason: Steve Schennum
Polarized Helical Antenna team plans to design an array of helical antennas which will have a high amount of gain at around 900MHz and its polarization will be controllable by the transceiver. The ultimate goal is control of the array.

ENSC15 Protective Schemes Lab

Team: Katherine Gibbs, George Herner, Rylie Van Court
Faculty Advisor: Kevin Damron email
Sponsor: Avista; Sponsor Liason: Elizabeth Andrews
The goal of the Protective Schemes lab is to design and implement a tripping and blocking scheme, digital lockout relay, and a bus differential using protective relays in the Gonzaga University Protection lab and IEC 61850 protocol. The overall goal is to develop the protection schemes and necessary documentation.

ENSC16 Smart Pole Sensor II

Team: Ryan Healy, Mareval Ortiz-Camacho, Sophie Pavletich
Faculty Advisor: Matthew McCauley email
Sponsor: Avista; Sponsor Liason: Matthew McCauley
This project is a continuation of an Avista-sponsored project to develop a utility pole sensor capable of detecting failure events (e.g. car hit pole, tree in wire, etc). It is the goal of this team to provide a 'form-function' prototype.

ENSC23 Electro-Mechanical Faucet

Team: Ryan Hungate, Charles Mielke, Megan Millward, Samuel Olson
Faculty Advisor: Bob Reed email
Sponsor: Ryan Kellog; Sponsor Liason: Ryan Kellog
Electro-Mechanical Faucet team is developing a low cost and simple to operate electro-mechanical system that can control a conventional faucet. The fundamental functions of this system will be active temperature and throttle control, and pre-heat function.

ENSC24 Concrete Delivery ID

Team: Bianca Burton, Christopher Clark, Nicholas Reasoner, Hans VanderWel, Jack Zielinski
Faculty Advisor: Mason VanLith email
Sponsor: ACME; Sponsor Liason: Robert Seghetti
Concrete has been delivered to millions of locations using paper tickets. Once the concrete is delivered, there is no way to determine the exact location. For quality control purposes, it is important to know the location of the tested material. The goal of the project is to develop a cloud based data system that could become the complete quality control record for the concrete project.

ENSC25 Sensors for Body Vibration

Team: Olivia Bridston, Jacob Laurent, Gaelen Murray, Zachary Oldham
Faculty Advisor: Art Miller email
Sponsor: Niosh; Sponsor Liason: Art Miller
Students are studying current methods for measuring body vibration and designing a system of multiple sensors that can be easily attached to the hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder and head, and linked together in such a way as to measure the migration of vibrations through the body.

ENSC36 Power Cycle Efficiency

Team: Bryce Anderson, Julien Hajjar, Nathaniel Leone, James McManus
Faculty Advisor: Christopher Nicol email
Sponsor: CEDE
Power Cycle Efficiency project focuses on improving the efficiency of the generation systems Avista uses in their power plants. The team is researching different methods of harnessing the heat lost in this engine, such as implementing a small sterling engine or adding a regenerator or an intercooler, and using it to improve the efficiency.

ENSC40 Fly Fishing Simulator

Team: Spencer Hill, Bradley Price, Jake Sahli, Kyle Van Wyck
Faculty Advisor: Debra Offill email
Sponsor: Sage Fly Fishing
Sage Fly Fishing has asked this team to develop a device that will be able to simulate several different fish and allow the user to hook up their own fishing equipment for use. The final goal is to create a working prototype that is programmed with a few different fish.

CPSC01 Aurora

Team: Evan Conrad, Ethan Mahintorabi, Kyle McCrohan, Scott Rein
Faculty Advisor: Gina Sprint email
Sponsor: CEDE
Aurora team’s goal is the development of an efficient and user-friendly note taking application for programmers. Existing note taking applications are not designed to facilitate programming productivity and are a detriment to efficiency. Therefore, this team is building an application to make the note taking process more effective.

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