Projects Involving Electrical and Computer Engineering

2019-20 Projects

For more information on any project, please contact Toni Boggan or email the project's Faculty Advisor.

ENSC 23 Pedestrian Safety Plan


Team: Lee Henningsen, Majael Cantu, Joseph Parry
Faculty Advisor: Robert Turner email
Sponsor & Liason: City of Spokane, Bob Turner

Creation of engineering standard plans and specifications for a pedestrian signal which will serve the Gonzaga Community. This pedestrian signal will require an engineering analysis to determine the right type of pedestrian device for the right location. This project will further require foundation and structural analysis and design for that pedestrian device, which may be a Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon (RRFB) or Hybrid Activated Signal (HAWK).

ENSC 40 Ag Robotic Implement


Team: Charles DeBiase, Joseph Heston, Madeline Robinson, Bassel Mufarreh, Megan Nakamura
Faculty Advisor: Christopher Wood email
Sponsor & Liason: DryLand Farms, Christopher Wood

Robotic Ag Sprayer Integration to liquid restocking Unit demonstration.

ENSC 41 Prototype Web-Enable Smartlock


Team: Jack Breese, Payton Lieske, Nicholas Walker
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Art Miller email
Sponsor & Liason: NIOSH, Art Miller

NIOSH researchers are trying to develop new technologies to keep miners healthy and safe. The mining industry could benefit from new ways to conduct and monitor LOTO on machinery such as belt conveyor systems. A new technology such as the SmartLock would enable workers to perform LOTO seamlessly, archive all steps in the process, and provided real time data regarding the steps in the process, with the aim of improving LOTO and thus worker safety. We need a team of students to assist in developing and testing components of such a SmartLock, with the goal of building a prototype that can be tested at the NIOSH research lab.

ENSC 43 Helical Antenna Array


Team: David Nawrocki, Paul Scheidt
Faculty Advisor: Bob Conley email
Sponsor & Liason: SARL, Steve Schennum, Bob Conley

Design, build, and test a helical antenna array consisting of a PCB feed.

ENSC 44 Relay Testing Lab Expansion


Team: Devin Klee, Audra Reese, Allen Edens
Faculty Advisor: Kevin Damron email
Sponsor & Liason: Avista

The students will develop five (5) protective relay lab experiments to be used in future classes.

ENSC 45 Streamline Outlets w/CO2 Det.


Team: Sean Cassatt, Thomas Hughes, Monica Harrison
Faculty Advisor: Debra Offill email
Sponsor & Liason: CEDE

Streamline outlets will be redesigning a traditional wall outlet by integrating a programmable logic controller, carbon monoxide detector, audible, visual, and Bluetooth alert systems. This would entail hardware and software design and implementation as well as mechanical component fabrication.

ENSC 46 Smart Sensor Campus Network


Team: Benjamin Gibson, Phillip Fishburn, Matthew Repplier
Faculty Advisor: Robert Zavrel email
Sponsor & Liason: Itron, Bob Strasser

The goal of this project is to develop a platform that will enable student-led development in the Internet of Things (IoT) field on Gonzaga’s campus. The first applications of this network will benefit Gonzaga’s sustainability initiatives for solar energy projects and include the hardware components necessary for future campus security solutions.

ENSC 47 Therapeutic Spirometer & Throm.


Team: Colin Noonan, Claire Puryear, Jessica Mangrobang, Alexander Banning, Nicole Creamer
Faculty Advisor: Shane Pacini email
Sponsor & Liason: Lung Technologies LLC, Kerry Curran

Design, develop and prototype the Next-Generation Electronic Therapeutic Incentive Spirometer and Electronic DVT Exerciser. Develop a single smartphone application for both devices for close patient monitoring. This will revolutionize post-surgical care for major orthopedic, abdominal, thoracic and pelvic surgeries.

ENSC 66 Tub Indexer


Team: Tyler Wong, John Ferres, Jonah Sandoval
Faculty Advisor: Coleen Nolting email
Sponsor & Liason: Kaiser, Christopher Nicol

The goal of the project is to design an indexing system to automatically load and unload the tub dumper designed in the 2018 project ENSC-33.

ENSC 68 Parts Optimization for Manufacturing


Team: Simon Derrer, Alana Andrews, Adam Pesch
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Pat Ferro email
Sponsor & Liason: CEDE

We are building a computerized environment to train a machine learning algorithm that will reduce material consumption for polymer based additive manufacturing.

ENSC 69 Autonomous Delivery Robot


Team: Isaac Vanderbosch, Adam Tinucci, Ryan Barclay, Scott Younker
Faculty Advisor: Anas Delane email
Sponsor & Liason: CEDE

The Autonomous Delivery Robot will deliver supplies and non-perishable food items to students and faculty anywhere on campus through the easy use of a phone application. With the use of intelligent mapping it will travel from the known pick up location to your doorstep so that you don't have to worry about spending valuable work time on distractions.

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