Projects Involving Civil Engineering

For more information on any project, please contact Toni Boggan or email the project's Faculty Advisor.

ENSC01 Beaver Dam Analogs

Team: Elizabeth Brinkman, Ryan Fox, Sarah Lund, Davis Phillips
Faculty Advisor: Sue Niezgoda email
Sponsor: The Lands Council; Sponsor Liason: Sue Niezgoda,
The focus of this project is continuing a long-term research investigation begun by a Civil Senior Design Team in 2016-2017 and will continue to examine the effectiveness of Beaver Dam Analogs (BDAs) at storing water, reducing bank erosion, and trapping sediment in California Creek.

ENSC02 Stormwater Treatment Monitoring

Team: Madeline Endris, Robert Nelson, Ashley Osler, William Sherpa
Faculty Advisor: Aimee Navickis-Brasch email
Sponsor: City of Spokane; Sponsor Liason: Colleen Little,
This project evaluates the storm water treatment performance on of a bio retention pond located on Gonzaga's campus during cold climate conditions. Students are designing and conducting an experiment as well as a literature search, collecting and analyzing water quality data, and summarizing their findings in a final report.

ENSC03 Cross Laminated Timber

Team: August Braun, Seth Hickman, Fearecia Maddox, Brian Thompson
Faculty Advisor: Joshua Schultz email
Sponsor: Gonzaga University-SEAS; Sponsor Liason: Jerry Tombari,
Students are developing test fixtures, materials failure models, testing of materials and models, and incorporating of statistical analysis of failure to develop mechanical properties of Cross Laminated Timber. Once testing is complete, they will develop an improved design method for Cross Laminated Timber.

ENSC04 N. Idaho Collaborative Ed.

Team: Michael Doquilo, Joseph Jesse, Victoria Vivinetto
Faculty Advisor: Aaron Zwanzig email
Sponsor: Eclipse Engineering; Sponsor Liason: Aaron Zwanzig,
Students provide schematic structural design, including framing plans and calculations, for the design of the North Idaho Collaborative Education facility at North Idaho College.

ENSC05 Wy. Connected Vehicle Project

Team: Jennifer Delgado, Drew Fuller, Kyle Peltz
Faculty Advisor: Rhonda Young email
Sponsor: McFarland Management; Sponsor Liason: Fred Kitchner,
Connected Vehicle (CV) technology allows for vehicle to vehicle (V2V) and vehicle to infrastructure (V2I) communication using dedicated short range communication (DSRC) with the goals of improving roadway efficiency and safety. The goal of this project is to complete the baseline traffic operation and safety performance measurements for Phase II activities in order to set the baseline for assessment of the Pilot Deployment in Phase III.

ENSC07 Hold That Tray!

Team: Elizabeth Brown, Sarah Godbehere, Meghan Lowry, James Sulser
Faculty Advisor: Alex Maxwell email
Sponsor: Wasington State DOE; Sponsor Liason: John Cleary,
Studies show that about a third of all food produced worldwide gets lost or wasted in food production and consumption systems. The goal of the “Hold That Tray” project is to design and build a holistic campus food diversion/recycling program and pilot the program at Gonzaga University over the course of the academic year 2017-18.

ENSC08 Natural Fiber Enhanced Concrete

Team: Loren Colpo, Madison Jurewicz, Zackary Schroder
Faculty Advisor: Lauren Heine email
Sponsor: NW Green Chemistry; Sponsor Liason: Lauren Heine, Jason Puracal
This team hopes to evaluate the supply, and test the physical and mechanical properties of hop fiber waste alone, and as a composite in concrete. Their hope is that by the end of the year, they will have the ability to recommend potential uses and applications of hop concrete composites.

ENSC09 Cincinnati Greenway

Team: Makayla Bowdish, Nicholas Petersen, Cameron Unkel
Faculty Advisor: Rhonda Young email
Sponsor: City of Spokane;
This project team will prepare design drawings and public meeting materials for the Cincinnati Greenway Roadway Project in the City of Spokane. A Greenway is a roadway designation by the City of Spokane which indicates a street design that provides an environment that promotes active transportation modes like walking and bicycling.

ENSC10 Medical Office Building

Team: Michael Buchman, Zachary Hartje, Isaac Hood, Megan Kramer
Faculty Advisor: Tony Stenlund email
Sponsor: TD&H Engineering; Sponsor Liason: Tony Stenlund,
Gritman Medical Center in Moscow Idaho has the immediate need for the design of a new 53,000 square foot Medical Office Building. The Medical Office Building team is working to design the main structural components of the building, including the roof, floor, beams, columns, foundations, and lateral systems.

ENSC11 Underground Power Vault

Team: Rachael Jones, Landon Lum, Sean Urann, Trevor Vandecoevering
Faculty Advisor: Doug Forkner email
Sponsor: Avista; Sponsor Liason: Doug Forkner,
The purpose of this project is to design an underground power vault in downtown Spokane for Avista Utilities, replacing the current vaults that have degraded with time. This team is designing and working directly with contractors to complete the building of a new underground power vault.

ENSC12 Zimmerman Trail

Team: Rachel Borja, Ellie Libby, Danielle Pitcher, Monica Regan
Faculty Advisor: Scott Marshall email
Sponsor: HDR Engineering; Sponsor Liason: Scott Marshall,
This team will prepare a complete reconstruction design package for construction of the Zimmerman Trail between State Highway 3 and Rimrock Road in Billings, MT, including an engineering report, plans, limited specifications, and opinion of probable cost. The students will evaluate the feasibility of roadway widening and design storm water facilities for the project.

ENSC37 Agricultural Irrigation System

Team: Mark Driver, Hailey Hunt, Boyd Knopp, Garrett Uhling
Faculty Advisor: Debra Offill email
Sponsor: CEDE
This team is designing and building a prototype for a new automatic linear-move agricultural irrigation system. In modern agriculture, two types of irrigation systems are prevalent: the center-pivot and the linear-move. This team is combining the advantages of each of these existing systems to develop a linear-move system that operates like a center-pivot system.

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