Projects Involving Civil Engineering

2019-20 Projects

For more information on any project, please contact Toni Boggan or email the project's Faculty Advisor.

ENSC 20 Blowover Risk - WYO H. System


Team: Pei Yun Hsieh, Ryan Miller, Taylor Eoff
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Rhonda Young email
Sponsor & Liason: WYDOT

The objective of this study is to fill the gap between the existing operational practices utilizing weather data and the risk available from high resolution modeled data and the high frequency gust wind observation system.

ENSC 21 Active Transportation - NE Spokane


Team: Ryan Ward, Stephen Fellin, Kyle Winfield, Olivia Ramirez
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Rhonda Young email
Sponsor & Liason: City of Spokane, Colin Quinn-Hurst

Residents identified needs with the active transportation (walking and bicycling) assets in the area. This project will look at active transportation in the neighborhood, using data driven methods to identify a prioritized list of potential design interventions for Northeast Spokane.

ENSC 22 Beaver Dam Analogs


Team: Kevin Flanagan, Megan Ehlebracht, Sean Healey, Andrew Clusserath
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sue Niezgoda email
Sponsor & Liason: The Lands Council, Kat Hall, Brian Walker

The goal of this proposed project is to evaluate the feasibility of reducing sediment loads in Hangman Creek through the watershed-wide application of Beaver Dam Analogs (BDAs) as cost-effective and low risk Bes Management Practices (BMPs). The objectives are to 1) develop estimates of the amount of sediment that can be trapped by BDAs (including continuing long term data collection activities at the California Creek BDA pilot project site), 2) examine the feasibility of implementing BDAs throughout Hangman Creek watershed and how much sediment they could truly trap, 3) develop a BDA BMP implementation plan for Hangman Creek watershed, and 4) finalize a hydraulic and structural design method for implementing BDAs.

ENSC 23 Pedestrian Safety Plan


Team: Lee Henningsen, Majael Cantu, Joseph Parry
Faculty Advisor: Robert Turner email
Sponsor & Liason: City of Spokane, Bob Turner

Creation of engineering standard plans and specifications for a pedestrian signal which will serve the Gonzaga Community. This pedestrian signal will require an engineering analysis to determine the right type of pedestrian device for the right location. This project will further require foundation and structural analysis and design for that pedestrian device, which may be a Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon (RRFB) or Hybrid Activated Signal (HAWK).

ENSC 24 Geo-Structural Deep Foundation Design


Team: Greyson Charon, Jacob Engdahl, Andrew Nelson, Bennett Lanners
Faculty Advisor: Daniel Parshall email
Sponsor & Liason: Quanta Subsurface, Dan Parshall

Deep foundation design of structural and geotechnical elements for transmission line structures with calculations and drawings.

ENSC 25 Modeling of Ice Age Floods


Team: Samone Sims, Anna Hirning
Faculty Advisor: Taylor Hoffman-Ballard email
Sponsor & Liason: Osborn Consulting, Berry Ellison

The City of Spokane intends to feature the Missoula Ice Age Floods as the theme of a regional park in the North Bank area; the park will feature a stream channel which demonstrates how the ice age flood waters created the region's landscape. The goal of the proposed project is to design and model a stream play feature, aimed specifically at K-12 grades, that reflects the Eastern Washington landscape caused by the Missoula Floods and mimics the hydraulic features which created the landscape.

ENSC 26 Traffic Calming Project


Team: William Sherpa, Mitchel Stephan, Sterling Wagner, Dashiell Cotton
Faculty Advisor: Adam Miles email
Sponsor & Liason: City of Spokane, Adam Miles

Engage Spokane neighborhood residents in a collaborative process that identifies, assesses, and prioritizes all of their neighborhood traffic calming needs using standard Traffic Engineering data sources, methodolgies, and practices.

ENSC 27 Topology of Tall Bldg


Team: Rachel Dorr, Phillip Geist, Brooke Whitsell
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Joshua Schultz email
Sponsor & Liason: Civil Dept.

Analytical and experimental investigation into optimization of lateral systems for tall buildings

ENSC 28 Stormwater Treatment


Team: Anna Bonacci, John McNeil, Tucker Munson
Faculty Advisor: Aimee Navickis-Brasch email
Sponsor & Liason: Spokane County

This research project will evaluate the stormwater treatment performance on of a bioretention area located on Gonzaga's campus during cold climate conditions. The goal of the project is to recommend bioretention designs and options for bioretention soil media that are better suited for cold climate conditions similar to those in eastern Washington.

ENSC 29 Design of Gravity Systems


Team: Samantha Ramsey, Nolan Seawright, Nathan Christopher
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Joshua Schultz email
Sponsor & Liason: CEDE

This project uses the Energy Method to optimize a long-span building in order to create more efficient structures and reduce embodied energy and cost in the construction industry. The goal of this project is to produce a set of design charts or practical methods to assist professional engineers in the construction of environmentally sustainable long-span buildings.

ENSC 30 Vivianite Mgmt in Wastewater


Team: Lillian Lower, Samuel Nieslanik, Noah Schechter, Andrew McCall
Faculty Advisor: Dave Moss email
Sponsor & Liason: Jacobs, Anthony Benavidez

Evaluate the technical and economic feasibility and strategies to help manage the Vivianite crystallization problem in the anaerobic digesters of a working advanced wastewater treatment facility. Consider the following strategies: (a) eliminate Vivianite production; (b) reduce Vivianite production; (c) remove Vivianite from the facility (if its production is not eliminated).

ENSC 31 Whitworth Chapel Expansion


Team: McKenna Milacek, Brooke Powers, Quinn Kopczynski
Faculty Advisor: Aaron Zwanzig email
Sponsor & Liason: Integrus Arch., Aaron Zwanzig

Produce Design Development level structural design drawings and calculations for the Whitworth Chapel Expansion project.

ENSC 32 Concrete Demo Structure


Team: Gavin Orr, Patrick Young, Darien Schneider, Samuel Kirk
Faculty Advisor: Melissa Verwest email
Sponsor & Liason: Oldcastle Precast, Melissa Verwest

Students will gain knowledge of precast manufactured structural elements through the design and overseen manufacturing of a life size representative precast concrete demonstration piece that will remain on the Gonzaga campus and be used for future students as a teaching tool. The legacy piece will allow future students to observe, touch, and visualize precast concepts in real time.

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